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A natural Disaster
A natural disaster occur all over the world and can be very devastating for the lives of people and also for the environment in which we live. Disaster come in many forms. A natural disaster range from volcanic eruption to tropical storm. A natural disaster can occur anytime in any part of the world by the environmental factor that can strike anywhere without any warning. In any natural disaster it’s the people who can only help themselves.
A disaster can be from volcanic eruption, earthquakes and even from the forest fire. We don’t know when any form of ...view middle of the document...

Natural disaster have increased both in sizes and in repetitions over the past few decades. Global warming is the biggest reason why we will continue to face them. Many gases that are lethal to our environment are released in massive amount and destroying the natural defense of earth the ozone layer. With this destruction natural disaster occurs in any part of the world by this the earth is towards decline. We are unaware of this that when any disaster hits us. Disasters can never be predicted accurately.
In natural disasters we can save ourselves. It is the people who are ill prepared sustain the most damage. People who stay in their houses and are killed are responsible for their loss people who do not shift their house in alarming situations. These people are proof that people can take care of themselves during natural disasters if they try harder.
In conclusion, natural disaster are real deadly fact of nature. With a dramatic increase and with greater force. We need to come together as people and save our environment for this firstly we need find the risk factor of the area where we live. Educate ourselves with to understand the warnings of natural disaster. Once you know this, you are ready to come up with a survival plan. Otherwise death and damage is going to happen if we fails to act before hands and afterward.

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