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My Air Force Story Essay

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My Air Force story is a mix of childhood experiences and active duty experiences that have culminated in a relatively young six-year career. By looking at my background and values, my most important Air Force experiences, and how my current position fits into the larger Air Force mission, one can see how my Air Force story coalesces into a life of engineering and service.
My journey to the Air Force began as a kid, growing up with many relatives that served our community and country. My dad was a Houston Police Officer for 20 years, and showed me what it means to serve honorably and stay an active family man. He sacrificed many personal comforts to spend time with his family while ...view middle of the document...

My first assignment at Malmstrom AFB, MT introduced me to a mix of hands on engineering and direct leadership. I was ultimately given the opportunity to run two maintenance shops. As the Officer in Charge of the Missile Maintenance Operations Center and Plans & Scheduling, I was charged with 28 troops that planned, implemented, tracked, and provided real-time change to all maintenance activities in the missile complex. Our mission was hectic, ever-changing, and my troops performed it well. My job was to take care of the troops and make sure they had the training and equipment to carry out the mission. The job satisfaction grew to a level I didn’t realize existed outside of technical accomplishments as an engineer. My shops became an extended family to me, especially when my performance as their supervisor reached a point where I had influence on their careers, their families, and their life altogether. It was an awesome responsibility where leadership took on a new, deeper meaning for me.
At my second, and current assignment, I have a different but greater type of leadership responsibility, as well as significant engineering responsibilities. I now lead projects that are unique research and development platforms that fly on man-rated launch vehicles. As such, my engineering leadership directly affects the safety of astronauts on orbit, and should hardware fail, it could kill up to 13 people in one accident. This responsibility has brought on a new level of job satisfaction where I take pride in the efforts of my team when a mission is done safely. Combined, these phases of my career have afforded me opportunities to experience both personnel and engineering leadership.
My current assignment fits into the larger Air Force mission in a unique manner. My...

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