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Mutilation Essay

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Female Genital Mutilation

Denena White

Soc 121

Marnie Carroll

August 13, 2012

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Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation is a cultural practice that is cruel and violent. This

cultural procedure is performed on infants, young girls, and women of certain cultures.

The utilitarianism theory would claim this cultural ...view middle of the document...


million of these women and girls are from African cultures. (World Health Organization,

2012) It has also been reported that 10-20 babies per year die due to the complications of

female genital mutilation.

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Many of these procedures are performed on young girls before they hit puberty.

The young girl is taken by her mother to have the procedure done. The procedure is

performed by the elder women of the culture. Due to poverty and lack of medical

facilities, the procedure is usually done under very unsanitary conditions. The young girl

is placed on a table that most likely was not sanitized and held down by a group of

women. The instruments used for the procedure are usually any sharp object that can be

found such as reused razor blades, knives, or scissors. The procedure is usually done

without anesthesia and is brutally painful for the young girl.

The cultures that practice female genital mutilation have various beliefs as to why

it is important for the females in their culture to have these procedures. Some cultures

believe female genital mutilation is a right of passage into womanhood. It is also a

method used to reduce sexual pleasure, therefore making them less likely to become

sexually active before marriage or to have sexual affairs outside of the marriage. A

woman is not viewed as beautiful unless she has the procedure done and she is will not be

considered for marriage if she does not have the procedure. Some cultures believe that a

baby will die if she/he comes into contact with the clitoris of the mother during birth.

There are three types of female genital mutilation procedures. Type I :

Clitoridectomy, is partial or total removal of the clitoris. This procedure is very painful,

damages sensitive skin, and can cause infections. Type II: Excision, partial or total

removal of the clitoris and the labia minora. Type III: Infibulation, total removal of the

clitoris, the labia minor, and the inner surface if the labia majora. Then the edges of the

vulva are sown together with the use of stitches, thorns or poultices. The closing over the

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vagina and the uretha leaves women with a very small opening in which to pass urine and

menstrual blood. The opening is so small that it needs to be cut open to be able to have

sexual intercourse and to give birth which can cause complication which can harm the

mother and baby. There are...

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