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Music Throughout The Ages Essay

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1. The music from the classical period contrasts with the music of the Baroque. The music from the Baroque period was generally more vocal and opera-like while the Classical period really defined the form of classical music that we think of today.

2. Mozart's music embodies the Classical period because of the way that Mozart perfected the balanced technique in his pieces. The Classical period was all about creating and defining set standards for the way classical music should be created and Mozart's music fit this rule perfectly.

3. Dissonance during the Romantic period reaches a peak, especially in Wagner's music. Wagner's opera, Tristan and Isolde, is all about dissonance. The Classical period is all about the perfect balance (unless you're Beethoven). I'd say that dissonance and consonance were about ...view middle of the document...

6. Beethoven's 5th is a powerful and unique symphony. It is very unusual for its very long coda piece that introduces a new theme which doesn't normally happen in codas. It also has a very short bridge as talked about in question number five. The most noticeable fact of the Beethoven's 5th is the widespread repetition of the first four notes that are played in the very beginning. Throughout the entire symphony that beginning melody is almost always being played by at least one instrument.

7. Richard Wagner's music contains leifmotifs which are specific melodies or instrumentations that are associated with specific emotions or characters, even if those characters and emotions are off-screen. Wagner also used a bigger that normal orchestra that he increased in size to create a more powerful sound. He also had new instruments like the stierhorn and the Wagner Tuba made to complement the other instruments in his orchestra. The Ring Cycle later went on to influence the "Lord of the Rings" saga by J.R.R. Tolkien.

8. Nationalism is where there is a general sense of pride in your country or nationality. During the Romantic period, nationalism spread across all of Europe and influenced everything from music to visual arts. The Overture of 1812, written in 1880 by Tchaikovsky, is a very celebrated piece that displays Tchaikovsky's pride in his country when Russia beat Napoleon when Napoleon tried to take Moscow.

9. Program music is music that does not contain any lyrics. Chopin created many pieces of program music made for just a piano and no vocals.

10. Richard Wagner's music is a prime example of Romantic period music. During the Romantic period there was a rising sense of Nationalism throughout Europe, and Richard Wagner's music embodied this nationalism. Chopin and many other composers of the Romantic period (excluding Wagner) tended to write program music which is music that is written with no intention of having any lyrics.

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