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Daquan Jackson
Prof. Powell
Mus 101

The song I chose for this assignment is Ordinary people by John legend which to me is a great song. Ordinary people came in out in 2004 in Legends album Get Lifted. The song doesn’t have any personal meaning for me; I just really enjoy listening to song for some reason. There’s only one instrument throughout this song and it’s the piano which Legend plays himself. The man has a great voice which makes me keep listening to his music because if it wasn’t for that I don’t think I would listen to him. This songs is completely different to all the other music I listening I listen to more Spanish and house music then I do to soul, in fact this is probably the only soul song I actually ...view middle of the document...

Ordinary people is a soul/ R&B song that talks about guilt, contradiction, fear and doubt. In this line ("I know I misbehaved/and you've made your mistakes/and we both still got room left to grow") he talks about how people in relationships make mistakes but all the fighting and arguing and eventually making up is normal in relationships. In this line "Maybe we'll live and learn/Maybe we'll crash and burn/Maybe you'll stay/Maybe you'll leave/Maybe you'll return/Maybe another fight/Maybe we won't survive/Maybe we'll grow, we never know" he’s talking about the positive and negative parts to a relationship for it to be stable. The songs dynamics are changing throughout the song there are some points where he’s singing in a low tone voices which is mostly towards the end but throughout the song most of it is a high volume voice which goes good with the song. The rhythm to the song is really the same the same throughout out the song nothing changes. The tempo of this song changes throughout out the song with lows and highs.

Listening guide
0:00- Begins with piano playing
0:09- Piano playing with first words of song oh, oh, oh, oh
0:21- verse 1 talks about the negative parts of relationships
1:00- piano still playing hook 1starts “were just ordinary people”
1:38- verse 2 “this ain’t no movie, no”
1:57- still verse 2 voice gets a little higher “I hang up, you call”
2:13- verse 2 still but voice gets very high “I Still want you to stay”
2:16- hook 2 still with high voice
2:55-Verse 3 “maybe will live and learn”
3:51 – starts low voice part of song “take it slow, oh ,oh this time well take it slow” three times last one with a fade
4:41 song over

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