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Municipal Australia Essay

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Municipal Australia

Man has, for the duration of history, been imposing himself upon the land: living off it and consequently changing it. The poems ‘Municipal Gum’ and ‘Australia 1970’ delineate the negative impact that mankind has on the land. Both communicate the dire negativity of industrialisation that has altered the land through human’s actions. In the poem Municipal Gum, the poet has portrayed how nature has been overpowered by human activity and thus become negatively restricted. Oodgeroo of the tribe Noonuccal gives a description of a gumtree, with the emphasis of a capital delivering its importance, whose roots have been imprisoned by and drowned in the surrounding bitumen. ...view middle of the document...

“Strapped and buckled, its hell prolonged…Its hopelessness.” These descriptions show that man has relentlessly violated the land and taken without permission. The statement “Municipal Gum, it is dolorous to see you thus,” dictates that this impact has been out of greed – it is a mistreatment that causes sorrow and pain. However both poems’ moods support the notion that the land is in pain and through sympathetic ideologies expose a very noticeable “frowning upon” human beings.

The poets have both manipulated language choices in order to illustrate the blatant disregard for the land. There is a clear repetition throughout the poem Australia 1970 which has been placed for specific emotional response. The author wishes to emphasize to the reader a sense of urgency and fact. Judith Wright commences each stanza with the word “die”: a violent, striking word that blatantly depicts that the land has no hope, and is without doubt losing health. “Die, wild country, like the eaglehawk…Suffer, wild country like the ironwood”. In admiration of the land’s glory and fierceness the poet utilises violent, harsh words to describe how the natural, wild outback is suffering but dying nobly. The positioning of such strong words entices the reader to feel sympathy for the land and to be in awe of its qualities. The poet has effectively manipulated specific language choices to make the reader believe that the land has become asphyxiated by human activity.

The suffocation of the land is very well illustrated within the poem Municipal Gum as it opens with the image of a tree in “bitumen” earth. The poet instantly brings nature into discussion on an emotional level by utilizing imagery devices. She/He manipulates personification in order for the viewer to truly connect with the message being purported: that the land is now suffering and dying. The line: “Hard bitumen around your feet” personifies the Gumtree thus enabling humans to have empathy. This compels an intense restriction. The poet extends said feelings of constraint by giving the subject a capital, “Gumtree,” as if it were a name, a pronoun. Therefore the poet has captured an emotional response from the reader. The poet has used imagery to create sympathy in order to communicate that the land has become restricted. Furthermore she compares this restriction with an alternative - “Rather you should be in the cool world of leafy forest halls”. This statement has more soft sounds to deliver sentiments...

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