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Multiple Source Essay

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Michael Hinds
Paul Bissa
September 30, 2010
GSW 1120
Disadvantages of Technology
Imagine a world without the internet. Picture a mid 30s male getting up in the morning and not knowing the weather, or what has happened in the stock market, or any of the daily news. Some people rely on the internet for their day-to-day news. It isn’t just an easier way to read about the current events, it’s a quick way in their busy lives. Now imagine a 16 year old high school student not having internet. They wouldn’t be able to get distracted by Facebook, or online video games, or any other sites that can keep them from their school work. The internet is great, yet at the same time it is bad. You can ...view middle of the document...

It can allow for you to carry fewer books, or less CD’s, or stay at home and easily shop. It gives us luxuries to make our lives much easier. This is the biggest reason why technology is so important and relied upon in today’s society.
The first claim that I’d like to address is probably one of the most important ones, that technology expands our horizons. This seems like a very obvious topic if I simply talk about technology, but video games are another idea completely. I wanted to talk about video games because they seem like a very misunderstood subject. Unless you actually grew up playing video games, then you don’t fully understand the amount of culture and background to them. That being said, video games can be a touchy subject to some people. One person might think that they are bad for you and can only lead to you having a sheltered life and not getting exercise, and others think that they are perfectly fine to play on a daily basis. I am personally a gamer until I die, but that doesn’t mean that I just sit around all day playing video games until I have to sleep a little bit, and put off doing work just to play one more match. It is very typical for most people to think that they are not educational and have no central purpose. However, as Arthur Berger talks about in his article Videogames: A Popular Culture Phenomenon they can build structure, character, self-motivation, and many other attributes in a healthy minded person that allow them to live out a perfectly normal life, just like everyone else. The very first sentence in Berger’s article caught my eye right away; it said “In adventure video games one participates in the action and one’s actions help shape, to varying degrees, the outcome of the game.” What he is trying to say is that in action games, in particular, the player chooses its own path and outcome. If you make bad decisions you will have a bad outcome, if you make good decisions you will have a good outcome. It’s that simple. This choice and reward system can teach the player quality traits that go against the bad stereotypes that some people have against video games these days.
I would like to discuss how reliant we are on technology. In today’s modern society technology is everywhere. Just about every single person has a cell phone, pager, or ipod these days. You can barely function if you don’t have a cell phone. You need to call your friends, you need to call your boss, and you need to call your family. This is perfectly understandable but some people take it too far when they get a phone that can do a hundred different things when all they need is three things; texting, phone calls, and maybe the internet. Dan Kennedy is an internet and technology journalist. In one of his articles he writes an article about how technology is starting to become more and more popular. The name of this article is Lost in Cyberspace. This article was written in 1994, so it being 16 years old is good for knowing what they thought...

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