Multiple Regression Analysis Of Rb In Bangladesh

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A Report on
Reckitt Benckiser

A Report on
“Multiple Regression Analysis of Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratio of Reckitt Benckiser”


It is a great honor for us to submit this report to our respected teacher. At first we want to convey our thanks and gratitude to her for assigning us to prepare report entitled, “Reckitt Benckiser”.
It would not have been possible for us to complete the report, but for his help.
All of the efforts ended at a desired point for the cooperation and hard work, Sincerity and seriousness of our group members. So, all of them as well as our group members are worth of pure compliment.

Letter of Transmittal

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Table of content

SL No | Topics | Page no. |
01 | Introduction | |
02 | Company’s Overview | |
03 | SWOT analysis | |
04 | CSR of RB | |
05 | Multiple Regression Analysis | |
06 | Ratio Analysis of Reckitt Benckiser | |
07 | Conclusion | |

Globally Reckitt Benckiser made some strategic and directional changes which are focused on Health, Hygiene & Home. Building on the successful traditions of the Company, we are creating something unique and powerful. They are creating a new force in consumer health across the globe. RB is building capabilities to provide innovative solutions for healthier lives. Global health trends are changing profoundly. People are living longer and are increasingly aware of the need to look after themselves as they seek to prolong and enjoy their lives. Families are better educated about health issues and are increasingly keen to take control of their own wellbeing.
1.1: Origin of the study:
This Report is prepared for Mr. Taher Jamil,Course teacher of "Applied Statistics (F-207)” Faculty of Business Studies at University of Dhaka as a partial requirement of the course. Our course instructor has assigned to the students of the department of Finance, BBA 19th batch to make a report about “Determinants of dividend payout ratio of Reckitt Benckiser”.
This report is prepared during the 2nd semester, 2nd Year and would be submitted in the same semester. The standard procedure for the long, formal report is followed here as part of the instruction of the course instructor.
1.2: Importance of this Study:
The study helps us gain hands on knowledge in Reckitt Benckiser and the factors that affect its dividend payment. The study has enormous implication on understanding the factors of dividend. Above all, the study has academic implications, which indicate the academicians can develop their skill.

1.3: Objectives of the study:

Every task has a particular aim. The main objective of this report is to find out problems and prospects of RB in regard of its activities and its dividend. The following specific objectives have been highlighted to attain the main objective:

* To fulfill the partial requirement of Bachelor of Business Administration.
* To learn about the activities of RB.
* To learn how several factors affect its dividend policy.
* To learn how to make SOWT analysis.
* To review the ratio analysis.
1.4: Scope of study:
This report will give a clear idea about “Determinants of dividend payout ratio Reckitt Benckiser”
* What are the activities of RB?
* What are the strength, opportunities, weakness and threat of RB?
* What are the CSR activities of RB?
* How the factors affect dividend payment?
* What are the ratios and its analysis of RB?
1.5: Methodology:...

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