Multicultural Communication Paper

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Multicultural Communication
Multicultural communication/relationship analysis
In a world full of many different cultures, ethnicities, languages, classes, and values, multicultural communication has played an instrumental role in our every-day activities. Whether it is at work or school, it is a variable that strongly reflects and influences the way that an individual acts in the world.
As a current full-time college student and part-time worker, I have experienced many moments of multicultural communication and relationships throughout my twenty-one years of life. My first memorable moments were probably from elementary school. I went to elementary school in a more urban area of south Seattle. Therefore, the area was very multi-cultural. I was a part of a before and after-school ...view middle of the document...

For example, me being Asian-American, I was so accustomed to eating Vietnamese and other Asian foods. My mother packed me meals every day that I was so accustomed to eating at home already. Then, when I started sharing my lunches with my friends, I saw that they had completely different types of food from me. I vividly remember my African-American friend Aaron. He had some of the best lunches every single day. I think my first time ever having pasta was from his lunch and I thought that it was amazing. If it wasn’t for him, who knows how long it would have taken me to try pasta. Looking back in hindsight, I really appreciate what that day-care has done for me. I now realize that program was very beneficial to my future. I could tell that they valued multicultural communication as well as relationships because it’s really important that children should get along with as long as learn from one another.
In my opinion, removing cross cultural communication barriers should be worked on, especially in schools. While schools have the responsibility to teach students the unwritten behavioral codes of today’s society, and to expect students to adhere to them, they also have a similar responsibility to reduce culturally induced discipline problems and to avoid misinterpreting cultural differences as behavioral problems. This can be done by doing things such as, removing language that appears to stereotype students as well as reducing violations of cultural rules during discussions and conversations. An environment where students feel like it’s okay to speak about their culture should be promoted more often. For example, singling out and stereotyping a student because he/she is a specific race should be avoided and worked on. I believe that doing this would improve relationships across cultural lines as well as develop communication skills especially for students in school.

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