Multiaxial Understanding Essay

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Multiaxial Understanding
1. Give three examples of mood disorder and how they are different from each other.
1. Bipolar I disorder – is characterized by one or more manic or mixed episodes and it
carry along the symptoms of major depressive episodes
2. Major Depressive Disorder – is the largest of the group of mood disorders. It is
classified by one or more episodes of major depressive episodes with at least 2 weeks
of interest which is usually comes along indications of depression
3. Substance-Induced Mood Disorder is usually brought on by substance abuse which
can involve alcohol or drugs and it ...view middle of the document...

Define mania and depression.
Mania is a state of excessive or abnormally high arousal, mood and energy levels and symptoms and severity can vary. In extreme cases individuals can exemplify psychotic symptoms of hallucinations and delusions.
Depression is an illness which affects the body, mood, and thought process of how contemplate about things.
6. Define substance use, abuse, dependence, intoxication and withdrawal.
Substance use is using one or more substance without regard to health related issues that it can cause to self or others. It will become substance abuse if it impairs physical or mental health.
Substance abuse is a maladaptive pattern of substance use repetitively regardless of the negative outcome.
Dependence is when the substance is continued despite negative consequences, a tolerance is built and a need for increased amount is needed to achieve a desired effect, and when an individual can no longer stop using substance without experiencing withdrawals or distress.
Intoxication is when mood, cognitive impairment, impaired judgment or social and occupational functioning is due to the effects of the substance.
Withdrawal is due to substance dependence and the craving of the substance to reduce the symptoms
7. What are the ways that psychosis can manifest?
It may start out as a change in function at home or social environment, social withdrawal and bizarre behavior that is inconsistent with what’s happening around the individual. It can manifest from medical illnesses, sleep deprivation, severe stress or trauma, drug reactions, genetic predisposition, and other causes.
8. Define delusions and hallucinations.
Hallucinations are false or distorted sensory experiences that appear to be veridical perceptions. These sensory impressions are generated by the mind rather than by any external stimuli, and may be seen, heard, felt, and even smelled or tasted.
Delusion is a false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everybody else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary.
9. List three childhood disorders and provide a general overview of the Dx
Mental Retardation - To meet the criteria for the diagnosis of Mental Retardation, three areas must be considered.
1. Onset must occur before 18 years of age.
2. Below average general intellectual functioning. Intellectual impairment is categorized by four degrees of severity.
* Mild retardation: Mild retardation: IQ level 50-55 to approximately 70
* Moderate retardation: IQ level 35-40 to 50-55
* Severe retardation: IQ level 20-25 to 35-40
* retardation: IQ level below 20 or 25
3. Significant limitations in adaptive functioning in at least two of the following skill areas: communication, self-care, home living, social/interpersonal skills, use of community resources, self-direction,...

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