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Multi Projects Essay

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7 March 2014
Case study: “Multi Projects”

First Draft
Evaluate the case and propose a solution. Prioritise the steps to be taken in your approach, be systematic and motivate your assertions.
After examining the “Multi Projects Inc.” case, it is clear that the rapid expansion of this company has both the employees, and their clients chasing after very big results without the proper planning before the implementation to start, and going about their execution of the desired projects in the wrong way. During this evaluation, we will analyse the communication channels, determining why there is a problem between the employees communicating. We will determine how we will go about the best way ...view middle of the document...

Continuing with the ‘Growin Project’ is a necessity for Multi Projects, as mentioned, this company will bring in a lot of future work, and should this project be completed and executed correctly, within time, cost and the client’s required quality. Growin has appointed the Multi projects Inc. to do this project for them, but no clear time indication has been provided regarding the completion of this project, neither has a cost been allocated to this task.
The best candidates for the Growing Project is Jeff Armstrong and Tyler Bonilla, as they were the were the two personnel members that both worked and presented the proposal of the new project to the client, and Tyler was one of the selling points to getting appointed to this project.
When the project was awarded to Multi Projects Inc. a formal meeting should have been announced to discuss the good news of Growin choosing Multi Projects Inc. and a formal project team meeting should have followed, determining a project team that will commence the project.
A proposal has already been accepted by the client, thus meaning an entire ‘Business case’ has been presented to the client, which he has made his decision upon. Meaning the planning for the execution of this project should commence.
Before any further considerations should have been made, regarding the implementation of a project team, the following priorities should have been attended to, taking the following steps into mind, creating a systematic approach to this...

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