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Multi Layered Security Plan Essay

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Earlier today, I was instructed to create a general purpose outline for our company’s multi-layered security plan. There are seven (7) domains in a typical IT infrastructure: User Domain, Workstation Domain, LAN Domain, LAN-to-WAN Domain, WAN Domain, Remote Access Domain, and System/Application Domain. Each domain has their own unique risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that need to be mitigated in order to ensure our company’s security.
In the User Domain the first thing that should be done is create an acceptable use policy (AUP). An AUP defines what users are allowed to do with organization-owned IT assets. Violation of the terms defined in the AUP can be grounds for dismissal. We will ...view middle of the document...

The next domain is the LAN Domain, which consists of two (2) parts, physical and logical. Make sure wiring closets, data centers, and computer rooms are secure. We do not want unauthorized access to the LAN so me must defines strict access control policies and procedures. Use WLAN network keys that require a password for wireless access. We must also implement encryption between workstation and WAP to maintain confidentiality.
Connecting to the internet is opens up a lot of back doors for cybercriminals and most internet traffic is clear text which means it’s visible to anyone. In the LAN-to-WAN Domain, local users can download unknown file type attachments from unknown sources so we must apply file transfer monitoring, scanning, and alarming for unknown file types from unknown sources. We must enforce Richman Investment’s Internal Use Only data classification standard through a multitude of efforts including applying strict security monitoring controls for intrusion detection and prevention.
The WAN Domain represents the 5th component in the IT infrastructure which is the second most complex area to secure. Use encryption and VPN tunnels for end-to-end secure IP communications. When traveling over the internet data may be corrupted for multiple reasons, therefore we must backup and store data in an off-site data center with tested recovery features. Also, scan all email attachments for type, antivirus, and malicious software. The system must also isolate and quarantine unknown file types for further security review.
The Remote Access Domain connects...

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