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As teachers of multi-grade school, you are normally faced with more challenges and constraint than a teacher in a mono-grade school or class. Multi-grade teaching has remained an unrecognized phenomenon globally including Jamaica. Base on this concern the writer sets out to introduce you to the nature of the multi-grade school and the challenges that principal, teachers and students experiences in the implementing curriculum instruction. Multi-grades are found in very rural or remote communities, where population are scattered. Within these areas there are not many teachers or students, so one classroom has different age group and grade. These students are in one class and taught by one ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, in most studies of multi-grade classes the teaching strategies used are not described and as a result are poorly understood Veenman (1995). As multi-grade teachers we are expected to know and be able to teach effectively different subject areas at different grade levels, for example one teacher who has the responsibility for two or three classes will need to have the knowledge of all the academic disciplines of those classes. Riggo (1986a) asked educators who work in multi-grade contexts to identify their greatest problem in trying to provide a quality educational program for children in these schools. It is surprising that at the top of the list for both teachers and principal was the curricula problem, as educator myself I find that there are too many grades, too many subjects and not enough time to deal with individual students who are in need of special help. In my opinion being a teacher of a multi-grade school there is not enough time for individual attention, especially with slower children; these children sometimes tend to lag behind and are being socially promoted or and place on retention. I think that there is not sufficient time for subject to be taught as enough time is not there for teachers to get everything done that is supposed to be done as this is to be shared with different grade level and other administrative work.
In my opinion mandates and standard sets are far-fetched as we are expected to use the same national curriculum which is designed for mono-grades that they are still unable to complete in our multi-grade system. These curriculum planners appear to have little or no consideration or thought given to how teacher in small multi-grade schools will manage. When teachers and school boards seek to find solutions as how to resolve the dilemma and cope with the impossible situation they encounter policy vacuum and they become silent with the matter. In my opinion because of this the pressure is left on teachers in multi-grade classrooms. In my experience when education officers come to the school they expect the teacher to be doing the same thing as the teacher in the single grade classroom. They evaluate your ability as if you have to do as good a job in a multi-grade classroom as if it is a one grade class. As teachers in the multi-grade classroom we have to devise our own solution and strategies thus leading to a compromised and short changed in our teaching as we follow tradition form of instruction. I believe this challenge narrows down to the survival of the fittest of the academic fittest.
Challenges of Human Resource, Materials and Structure
As teachers in the multi-grade schools, we are confronted with significant challenges, relating not only to the particular promiscuous nature of the classes we teach, but also to the multiple roles in the community which we tend to serve as teachers, government extension officer, cultural agents, social workers just to name a few. We suffer the...

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