Mulitculturalism In "A Passage To India"

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Multiculturalism in
„A Passage to India”
written by E. M. Forster in 1924

- Born in London 1879 as member of the upper middle class
- Education at private schools and later King’s college in Cambridge
- Famous Edwardian Novelist, Essayist, Biographer, Story Writer, Travel Writer concerned with restrictions placed on personal freedoms
- Agnostic, liberal humanist and social critic, with a strong belief in friendship
- Themes: homosexuality (“Maurice”), class and cultural differences (“Howards End”)
- Journeys to various countries in Europe and to India

- Set in Indian city of Chandrapore several decades before Indian Independence (early 20th century)
- Two ...view middle of the document...

Moore): striving for mutual respect, openness and tolerance, willing to loosen British rule and consider the Indians as a heterogeneous group →representatives of humanism
- the majority(e.g.: Mrs. Moore’s son): typical colonists, superior, exploiting and arrogant attitude, superficial
- obsession with maintaining power

2. Multicultural Friendships:
- Fielding and Aziz first seem to manage to overcome cultural barriers and mutual prejudices, yet their friendship eventually is postponed to post-colonial times
→conclusion: friendship virtually impossible under these circumstances in India
- Their relationship is shaped by mutual respect., nonetheless it exemplifies typical cross-cultural problems: many misunderstandings, often due to early conclusions by Aziz and very stubborn and emotion-lead behavior that lead to mistrust or thanks to the inflexible rational British standpoint →emotionalism vs. rationalism
3. Wrongs of Colonization:
o Autocratic and racist British rule,...

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