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Mtv Now Verses Before Essay

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MTV Now vs before

Most people remember the MTV as the channel as one could turn on and watch actual music videos all day long and represented its title in MTV standing for music television. Nowadays it is rare to turn on MTV and watch a video at all. Instead of a video anymore is reality shows and talk shows that don’t relate with music at all. People counted on them to provide the latest videos, the hottest information to keep them up with your favorite musicians. Personally I am disappointed whenever I turn on MTV because there is never music playing which was the reason that I watched MTV in the first place. Any person can easily look at the schedule for the day in the TV guide and see nothing on MTV channel relating to music. Now all you see is stupid reality shows. Before there were not very many shows at all but the ones that there were more about music news, concerts upcoming events, or occasionally a controversial show ...view middle of the document...

It has been at least ten years since I can remember watching on television a channel that actually played music videos. Another big difference compared to back in those days is that people still had some values and morals that made Beavis and Butthead not very accepted by the public but it was only one show. Not unlike The Simpsons although they aired on Fox. Anymore many of family values are toast of window and forgotten. Now it is almost the opposite and the more on unacceptable you are the more accepted the behavior is on TV. It seems that television networks such as this have helped to condition a new society too totally except something unfamiliar has being the new normal. Change from before to now would be that before there were certain boundaries that could not be crossed concerning behavior. In fact most things that would probably be offensive to the viewers was automatically censored if it was considered unacceptable to the public mostly mainstream network such as channel two though thirteen and now it does not seem to be a problem to be offensive to people in the people. I feel that in TV should change their name to reality television to represent reality shows. If they continue to still be called music television they are deceiving the viewers by falsely representing at the music which clearly they do not show actually even for 1 hour per day. Now that is why I think in MTV sucks now vs. before. So I guess you could stay in my opinion that yes in TV is not even worth watching if you want to watch videos you may as well get a computer. Even the new MTV2 that plays a few videos are very limited in what styles of music they play, it is just so much different.

As a conclusion I feel that in TV should be taken off the air or should be renamed as Reality Television RTV or else they should totally change everything about the channel. I just see them as sell outs because they didn’t stick with what they were, MTV. The way it was before vs. now is just a small example of the way that the music industry has changed. As it is the Channell represents deception by deceiving all the draw some viewers at home by falsely representing what should be called our RTV for Reality TV.

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