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Mtv Network Challenges In Arab Countries

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Having a significant market share in the world in music television channel, MTV networks took the challenge of introducing their services to the Arab countries. This was measured as one of the principal challenges they ever faced due to the assumed classic and conservative culture in Middle East countries. The greatest fear the network had was product acceptance failure considering cultural and religious traditions. As a strategy to overcome this challenge and get through in the Arab countries market, an MTV network choose to partner with local companies such as Arab Media Group (AMG) to gain acceptance from local viewers. Their main target market was young people aged between ...view middle of the document...

An important fact that MTV network considered for targeting the Middle East countries was the fact that sixty five percent of the Arab population consists young people aged below twenty five years old and this was the ideal target market. In the Arab culture, the business environments do not favor western countries due to high regulations that exist in new businesses entries.
The cultural challenges that MTV network had to consider are different language apart from English, rejection of sexual content by Arab culture and indecent dressing. Some of the content that MTV presented in other countries contained dancers who could be considered indecent and unrespectable in dressing in Arab countries. Anti American sentiments that prevail in many Arab countries was also another major cultural challenge that faced MTV entry into Arab countries. MTV content in other countries is characterized by sexuality, politic criticism, the use of alcohol and religion criticism. These features are accepted in other countries which are not as conservative as the Arab countries. To achieve the global objective of thinking globally and acting locally, MTV network’s executives decided to learn Arab culture and incorporate it in its shows as contrasting to exporting the western culture in Arab shows. To achieve this goal, MTV channels accepted a decentralized configuration in the shows that gave creative autonomy and commercial to the local staff. MTV hoped to offer a culturally unifying content within the Middle East region that is well known for political tensions.
Apart from negative reputation of airing sexually explicit programs, MTV faced a challenge of adjusting show contents to suit specific regions. For instance, what is socially acceptable in Dubai is not necessarily acceptable in Saudi Arabia. Adjusting these contents to suit diverse audience had to incorporate the global vision in conforming to localization. Other issues included the United States of America invasion of Iraq that deteriorated the relationship between Arabs and Americans.

- Critically analyze MTV’s strategy in the Middle East. Comment on its entry strategy and also its strategy of providing mixed content to the market. Do you think MTV will be able to succeed in this market?
MTV’s strategic planning involved partnership with Arabian Television. This was after an extensive market research on how to penetrate the Market and adjust to the local culture and taste withholding the global objective. The strategy involved profiling other counterparts to understand expectations and market penetration tactics. An external analysis provided an understanding of existing cultural differences between Arabic and American culture, information about the spirited landscape as well as the diverse shifting macro factors to consider. Partnering with a local station was a strategic plan to penetrate the market.
The cultural competence from international experience provided MTVN an advantage in...

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