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Mtv Building The Brand Resonance Essay

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MTV: Building Brand Resonance

MTV has been able to achieve a powerful brand by having the ability to change direction when viewers demanded it. They began simply as a 24 hr music resource that featured music videos. When ratings declined they substituted a portion of their music videos for long form programming (Unplugged, Headbanger’s Ball). MTV continued to adapt by stressing that they were not just about music, but the news and pop culture that surrounds it. They supported this strategy by offering different entertainment including reality shows, celebrity news, and programming featuring famous artists such as The Osbournes, Punk’d, Cribs and the VMA music awards (to name a ...view middle of the document...

MTV has such a powerful branding niche for the 18-34 demographic, and advertisers are well aware of this fact. A lot of advertising money is spent across a variety of industries in order to reach MTV’s audiences.
MTV understood the importance of being online as early as 1994, partnering with America Online to produce MTV online. They have launched URGE their own pay per download service; they have websites that target different nationalities across the world; they feature their TV programming; stream shows online; provide a library of videos and concerts; host a multitude of contests that their viewers can participate in both on and facebook, twitter etc.; actively run mobile programs; provide ringtones; and participate in public awareness campaigns. MTV is clearly focusing online, and they have done a tremendous job. I know that they tried to compete with MySpace, and I can’t find information on why it didn’t work. I absolutely think they need to either acquire, or ferociously compete with MySpace in order to gain ownership over the bands/artists who are launching online.

MTV seemed to have been removed from the music umbrella with other sister stations such as VH1 and CMT. MTV felt they were representing the reality TV genre, so they removed “music television” from their logo. This had a very low impact because today’s audience doesn’t associate MTV cable with music anyway. However, I do believe that this will become problematic. I don’t believe it is sustainable to have a channel purely about reality shows (which in my opinion have already become tiresome). Music will always be such...

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