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Mtv Arabia The Challenge Essay

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MTV Networks: The Arabian Challenge


The MTV Network (Music Television) is a global brand which introduced the concept of a cable music channel. It was launched in America in 1981 and quickly its popularity spread to other similar channels across the world. Over the years MTV developed a reputation for providing programmes with a localized content without diluting down what MTV stood for. MTV using its open western culture and sometimes controversial content was known to air sexually explicit and provocative programmes to a youthful audience.

The Middle East is highly individual and religiously and politically sensitive region with no fewer than 35 Arabic regional ...view middle of the document...


Most of newspapers are privately owned but are subsidized and regulated by the government in Saudi Arabia.[1] Because the Basic Law states that the media’s role is to educate and inspire national unity, most popular grievances go unreported in Saudi Arabia. In recent years, however, the government has allowed some critical stories to be written by selected journalists. Although self-censorship continues to be a method of self-preservation for the nation’s media outlets, government censorship seems to be decreasing, especially on journalistic inquiries into crime and terrorism.[2]
The government owns and operates the radio and television companies (BSKSA) in Saudi Arabia. Censors remove objectionable material deemed offensive by the standards of Islam, including references to pork, Christianity and other religions, alcohol and sex. Although government officials monitor Internet sites for material deemed pornographic, politically offensive, or anti-Islamic, Saudi Internet users can gain access to most sites by simply connecting through an alternative server. The government recently created an appeals process by which citizens can request that particular websites be unblocked.
in the Arab world
Organisations involved in freedom of expression in the Arab worldCommittee to Protect Journalists
An independent organisation based in New York which promotes press freedom worldwide "by defending the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal". See Middle East overview.Reporters Without Borders
(Reporters Sans Frontières) A French-based organisation. See Middle East section of its website..International Press Institute
"Dedicated to the furtherance and safeguarding of press freedom, the promotion of the free flow of news and information, and the improvement of the practices of journalism". See Middle East and North Africa section.Article 19
A human rights organisation "with a specific mandate and focus on the defence and promotion of freedom of expression and freedom of information worldwide". Its name refers to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. See Middle East section of its website.Index on Censorship
A journal which records abuses of free expression worldwide and has become "one of the world's leading repositories of original, challenging, controversial and intelligent writing on free expression issues". Human Rights Watch
A general human rights organisation which also addresses freedom of expression issues. See Press Freedom section of its website. |

The Arab world's top broadcasters have united to lobby against 30 pirate TV stations and websites that they claim cost them millions of dollars a year in lost revenues.
Rivals MBC, OSN, and the Rotana Media Group have held a meeting in Egypt as part of a joint attempt to clamp down on the illegal broadcast of Hollywood and Arabic movies.
As many as 15 satellite channels that broadcast in the Arab world are "run by...

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