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Mt 435 Operations Management Unit 6

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Human Resource Management and Project Management
Throughout this paper I will be discussing Human Resource Management principles compared to Operations Management principles, Project Management principles compared to Operations Management principles, and the importance of professional service organizations in standardizing a profession.
Human resources management evolved from the task-oriented nature of personnel administration in the 1980s and 1990s to a strategy-focused extension of the organization in the 2000s (About SHRM, n.d.). HR management is driven by several business principles, particularly the "Ten C" collection of HR management principles developed by HR management expert ...view middle of the document...

Some of the Project Management principles that I came across are business value, judgment, enterprise perspective, shared accountability, stakeholder partnership, proactivity, risk management, time management, cost efficiency, and reuse (Making project management, n.d.). Each of these principles relate directly to Operations Management principles. When they talk about business value, they are meaning that the goal of all project work is to deliver a business value; ultimately that is the goal of operations managers as well. With enterprise perspective they talk about considering the impact of the project decisions and how it will affect the company (Making project management, n.d.). Stakeholder partnership is about establishing a personal connection with stakeholders based on leadership, trust, and credibility, which seems to be the same as Operations Management. Proactivity involves taking a proactive approach to identifying and resolving project challenges (Making project management, n.d.). With Operations Management the need to be proactive as well in identifying and resolving issues that arise within the business. Risk Management in Project Management relates to being informed of tradeoffs between project and portfolio risks and potential rewards (Making project management, n.d.). With Operations Management you are constantly dealing with tradeoffs determining what can be cut so that you can do something else that may be better for the business. Both relate to being cost efficient as well. Cost efficiency determines whether or not the cost of something will be worth it in the long run, what kind of impact it will have on the project or business and determining that it is ultimately money that is well spent (Making project management, n.d.). Another principle that goes along with being cost efficient is reuse. Reuse in both Project Management and Operations Management means the same thing. They want you to use existing processes and tolls before creating or buying new ones so that you are not wasting the company’s money (Making project...

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