Ms2 Assignment 3

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Question 2:


Date: February 12th, 2014
To: John Doe, Owner
Subject: Sourcing Internet Services
Dear John;
Having considered the current situation at Graphic Designers’ Studio and understanding the budget set aside to implement the internet solutions needed to support the business model, I have identified the options available and made a recommendation that will meet the following criteria:
1. High-speed internet access;
2. E-mail accounts for everybody;
3. Web access for e-mail;
4. Ability to handle up to 10MB of attachments; and,
5. Ability to download and upload large graphic files (up to 100 MB) to customers.

1) Bell Business internet and web hosting ...view middle of the document...

95 a month (with a three year contract) and will provide you with 9 Rogers email accounts with web access( attachment max size of 20MB), 1 dynamic IP address and unlimited email storage. The package comes with spam protection and 24/7 support. Web hosting options are also available and the package that should be noted is the Silver package at an additional cost of $39.95 a month which will increase email accounts to 45, provide you with 12 GB of storage space and 96 GB of Bandwidth which is sufficient for your business needs and meets criteria established. The total cost of Rogers will be $124.90 a month, keeping in mind that the Pro package will require a 3 year commitment and fees will apply should you want to break out of the contract.

Although the Rogers option is more cost effective, my recommendation is to go with the Bell package as it will better meet the future needs of the business and will support the growth of the business at the current package points. The Rogers package may require further hardware upgrades to ensure compatibility on all PC platforms which will require additional outlay of funds. Additionally Rogers will require a signed three year contract to enjoy the promotional rates which makes them a more inflexible option should the business grow and need to move to other solutions. Bell’s package meets and exceeds criteria established.
Please note other secure file sharing solutions are also available such as Drop Box, should you want to look at isolated file sharing platforms. The free plan will provide you with 2GB of storage space with fast upload and download capabilities. Using this solution, you can share files with clients. Please have a look at their web site and pricing below:
Should you have any questions and would want to further discuss the options above in details feel free to contact me.

Question 3:
Executive Summary:
Zuora Inc. is a leader in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) billing and payments solutions. It was founded by Tien Tzou and its founding members have extensive industry knowledge as they led their previous company’s efforts in developing in house billing and payment solutions at their SaaS companies.
The economy is in a downturn and funding is limited and as a startup, Zuora Inc. is facing challenges as they need to identify which market segment will yield the highest growth opportunities while maintaining their lead position in their current market space. Zuora has three options available:
1) Continue to focus on billing for the SaaS industry;
2) Expand to capture the broader cloud computing trend, or;
3) Grow big fast and try to capture the broader subscription opportunity.
Zuora has shown that it can act quickly and at a fast pace and its growth has been linked to...

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