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Mrs. Kirwin 5th Period Essay

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Samuel Ray Sanchez Martinez
August 28, 2014
5th Period
Mrs. Casuse-Kirwin

My Concerns and Issues

My concerns and issues that I would have is that it consists of the native people to have on the reservations.
The first Concern that I would consider is “Jobs” I see many Families off the reservation having to travel 30-60 miles to get Personal supplies, Kitchen supplies, and Groceries. When I get off the reservation I see families asking other natives to help out on gas or transportation back home to feed their other children and offering jobs to military personnel.
My Second Issue is that I would see families and elderly people asking for a place to stay and When I was younger I’ve ...view middle of the document...

My Third and fourth concerns face how do you expect to get my vote and not appear to all of the tribal chapters that are voting for you but I would like to see you have One- on- One meetings with the tribal needs and their help to help families out on crisis and damaged homes. the fourth issues I would have is alcohol and drug abuse when I was young I noticed that my families and friends were either alcohol or drugs users or maybe both and I created a motto for my family that ended alcoholism and drug abuse and it goes “Stand up for One and let others follow” it does sound corny but I know it will have an impact on the reservation and all of its issues with these type of issues.
My fifth Concern would have to be my language and culture is completely dying and I teach my son how to speak, and understand the Navajo language and my son is barely 5years old and already knows more native words than me and that’s a disappointment for me but make me happy that my son is learning all the way we push him to become we just want him to be successful and past his knowledge on Native American stories to his kids and grandkids.
My Concern and Issue letter might have you think about how you can get my vote next time around if you do something instead of just sitting down and telling false lies I want to see it happen not to dream it up like my grandmother said before she passed was and that I quote “I’m happy that I’m leaving because this world can’t hold on to their promises”

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