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Mrs. Birling The Culprit Of Eva's Suicide

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“An Inspector Calls” is a play which was written by John Boynton
Priestley.“An Inspector Calls” is a play about a family called the
Birling family. One day, when they were celebrating the engagement of
their daughter, Sheila, and when they were having fun, an inspector
comes, and turns the happy night into misery.

Every character gives a first impression,the first person that seems
to be responsible for the death of Eva Smith was Mr. Birling. He was
the owner of a mill and hired Eva Smith to work there. He admitted
that she worked well but had to make her redundant due to her asking
for an increase in wages and protesting against Mr. Birling not giving
her a rise. “We ...view middle of the document...

When Sheila went shopping that day at Milwards she
was prepared to pay for the best service and she did not receive it
and complained which I think can be justified. Later Sheila admitted
that she would have never complained if she knew that Eva would have
been fired.

After the incident at Milwards Eva Smith met a young man called Gerald
who, at that time, was dating Sheila Birling. They both had a
short-term romance. After seeing each other they thought it best to
stop meeting for several reasons, one being that Gerald was engaged to
Sheila. Gerald gave some money to Eva after they broke up and that is
where the romance finished.

I think that Gerald contributed in no way towards the death of Eva
Smith because this romance in no way could have effected Eva. I think
this because it was the decision of both of them to stop the romance
and could not have done either of them any harm. I think the opposite,
that this romance was good for Eva Smith because it would have raised
her knowing that she could, someday, settle down with a charming young
man. The relationship could have done Eva good because when they broke
up Gerald gave Eva some money to “See her through the year.” Gerald
also says, “She knew it wouldn’t last” proving that it was just a
temporary affair that both people knew would not last.

After Eva Smith met Gerald, she met Eric Birling who was a single man.
They saw each other for a period of time and were serious about each
other. This romance went to such a degree that Eva Smith got pregnant
and after this point they decided to end their relationship. Eric gave
Eva Smith a considerably large amount of money and then left her to
fend for herself. But Eric didn’t know Eva Smith was pregnant.

The relationship that Eva Smith and Eric Birling had was a very
serious one and there seemed to be nothing wrong with it apart from
the pregnancy. Eva Smith must have known that this relationship would
have been like any other ones she had had before and it might not work
out between the two of them. It is because of this that I think that

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