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Mr True Turner Essay

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Sarah Ban Breathnach has in these words very aptly communicated the spirit and philosophy of the people living in the poorest zone of any country. They are living without drinking water, no sanitation, leaking roofs, hanging wires amongst drug lords in a place they call “home “ but we call “shanty towns”, bustees or favelas.

Rio de Janeiro, known to Brazilians as the “Marvelous City,” is home to over 10 million people, of which nearly a third live in shantytowns or ghettos known as favelas.
A favela is a Brazilian shanty town, which is generally found on the edge of the city.

The first favela appeared about 100 years ago in Rio De Janiero. Today, there are more than 600 favelas in Rio De Janiero alone. Although many of these favelas are located in Rio de Janeiro, favelas ...view middle of the document...

Favela sites are generally prone to flooding , landslips and exposed to industrial pollution and consequently plagued by sewage and hygiene problems.
Electricity is not officially available but the residents manage to get unauthorized connections from public areas.

It is the poorest residents who generally live in these favelas. These residents have no choice about where they live or have no other place to go. Life is a challenge at every corner and they live each day precariously surviving risks of natural hazards, disease, or violence.
Life in Rio de Janeiro's favelas is a continuous struggle. No proper roads, no sewage systems, no safe drinking water makes it the perfectly imperfect place for children with drug lords controlling the communities, and children dropping out of some of the city's worst schools.
Commuting to work can take hours and salaries do not even meet living expenses.
Each favela generally has its own community .
They manage their own grocery markets, clothing stores, pharmacies, repair shops and other types of small businesses. Ofcourse this would depend on the location of the favela and by the size of its population. These shops are created to serve the needs of the faveladors.
There are different perspectives with which people describe these favelas.
Most Brazilians who live on the richer side consider these favelas as dirty, frightening and violent and the residents are treated with disgust.
The favelas are held responsible for harbouring crime, violence, drugs leading to the creation of a culture of poverty.
Another prevailing view is that the favelas are responsible for the negative effects of over-urbanization
In any case Favelas are a stark reality showing the two extreme socio-economic communities that exist concurrently in the same city!!

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