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Mr Mhlongo, Will Use This Site For Research Purpose And Other Reasons

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Name of company : EOH (Pty) Ltd
Position : Senior Performance Consultant & Test Lead
Period : 01/09/09 to Date
Location : Bedfordview
Work Description
Performance testing activities.
Develop Automation / performance testing / scripting standards and procedures.
Develop automated Mercury tools (Loadrunner, QTP) scripts.
Define performance test objectives.
Develop and enhance test data staging/back-up/restore strategy.
Analyze and report performance test results.
Advise on QA environment configurations to achieve reliable results.
Setup performance monitoring scripts, reports and alerts.
Develop Automation Test scripts Using: ...view middle of the document...

) to the agreed timescale and quality
Plan and execute system testing, both scripted and unscripted
Manage the prioritization and reporting of defects in line with process and procedures in liaison with lead developer
Produce defects reports, and hold regular sessions to inform key stakeholders on current defect list and impact thereof
Take part in the build and release management process with the development teams
Produce and report test results
Assume responsibility for implementing system testing quality standards in alignment with the overall test strategy
Provide reports and statistics to evaluate the quality of specified development cycle
Oversee testers and evaluate quality of overall test plan execution
Create and maintain test scripts/procedures
Run automated test scripts/procedures

Name of company : IsoMetrix Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Position : Senior Software Tester & Business Analyst
Period : 04/02/08 to 01/09/09
Location : Fourways (Manor Office Park)
Work Description
• Using Mercury Test Director, QTP and Load Runner tools
• Doing (Regression, Functional, Manual, Automation and Performance Testing)
• To analyse the project documents
• To facilitate JAD sessions with Business Analysts, System Analysts and Developers
• To provide test strategy and plan documents
• To derive Load testing requirements
• To derive Load testing scripts
• To execute Load tests
• To analyse Load testing results
• To provide regular testing feedback to the relevant stakeholders
• To maintain Load test scripts
• To provide a sign off recommendation
• To be able to use appropriate tools and applications to during the testing process

Key result areas and work descriptors

Process Design & Implementation
Document and facilitate the implementation of new/enhanced processes.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that agreed testing standards are adhered to.
Responsible for fault analysis and management.

System Testing
Responsible for systems testing on newly developed systems, and any enhancements.
Maintains continuity of systems knowledge over all testing projects or areas.
Logs faults and reviews fault logs. Reviews test cases and makes recommendations on optimising them.
Tracks faults and prepares metrics on faults. Develops and refines test cases and test procedures.
Creates master test plans.
Ensures proper test prioritisation according to risk based techniques.
Develops and implements test plans.
Assists in the implementation of testing methodologies.
Uses test management techniques to calculate the amount of time it will take to test the project.
Develops and overseas the rollout of the test methodology for each project, taking care to keep those methods that are already successful.

Compilation of Test Cases and Plan designs, Execution Testing, defect Reporting and Formal test design. Ensure the execution of test cases and...

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