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Mr. Good Burger Essay

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Welcome to good burger home of the good burger can I take your order? I hated saying those words every time someone entered Mr. Good Burger. It must have been the worse job anyone could have. I greeted the customers as they each placed their order. I couldn’t stop starring at my hand watch for closing time. “An hour and a half that’s a long time to go” I said to myself. Every time I looked down time only seem to be going slower. There was never anything exciting about Mr. Good Burger , except for maybe the part where your friends come in but even than it wasn’t anything special it seem more embarrassing than anything else.
Kids ran around the playground, Parents watched and teenagers ...view middle of the document...

We all scattered like roaches after turning on the kitchen light for a midnight bite. Some of us ran to our cars and some ran back into Mr. Good Burger. I locked the doors behind us and began to dial for help but soon realize it was very man for themselves. Goosebumps crawled my body with a feeling I never felt. I began trying to gather my thoughts and immediately knew if any of us was going to make it out a live we had to do more than just hide here in fear. I took a deep breath and said “Okay, I’m going to need your help if we plan on surviving this invasion of Zombies. “That’s nonsense there is no such thing as zombies. Just call the police and have that crazy animal contained.” Mr. Dixon said. “I have tried that but the towers are down.” I replied.
The children began to whine and my head began to spin in 1,000 and one thoughts. Everyone began to speak all at once, people became angry and upset. “Shut Up!” I shouted. I must have shouted too loud because the sound of scared souls began to bang the window in need of our assistant for a safe shelter, so I thought. Quickly, grabbing a flash light I went to unlock the door to let them in. As, I got closer I notice something strange in their eyes glowed in a bloody red and bleached white foam covered their mouth. I turn to look at Mr. Dixon and said “It’s too late she has gotten to them.”
I grasped for air and quickly ran from the entrance. I knew then, the town of Charleston was in major trouble. This wasn’t a horror movie that you saw in theaters, it was the real thing. I could hear the zombies trying to make away in. They growled in hunger fining for the taste of flesh. I walked to the back looking for things to help us fight them off. Suddenly, everything became quite, sweat dipped my forehead and the seconds ticking on my hand watch got louder. A screams of torcher signaled me to run and hide for the lives of other where been taken with no remorse. I hided quietly and bottle up my fear. Finally given me enough strength to...

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