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MOZAMBIQUE FLOODING CATASTROPHE The flooding crisis in Mozambique did not take the world by surprise. It had been forecast since the beginning of February as freak weather and rains threatened the whole region. The floods have caused great devastation carrying away roads, bridges, buses and many towns have been half-submerged in water.It is estimated that 70 have lost their lives and 300,000 people have become homeless or lost their livelihoods since the combined waters from the Limpopo, the Sabie and the Komati rivers broke their banks and washed into southern Mozambique. This was made worse by the heavy rains in South Africa and Zimbabwe, caused partly by Cyclone Eline which struck the ...view middle of the document...

The Aid organisations in the area need at least 50 to 60 helicopters, not only for rescue but to get food and supplies out in the areas where there are no roads and boats, and medical supplies urgently needed too, to reach the people who are suffering in a bad way. The other dangers they have to cope with are the landmines left over form the long civil war which have been dislodged in floods.HOW SOME OF THE WORLD REACTED IN AID South Africa "“ the richest country in the African continent and neighbour of Mozambique has 7 helicopters with its service men working flat out on rescues. It has its own flood crisis and has suffered around 100 deaths; The United States "“ sent 4 boats, has pledged £5 million in food aid and shipped in lots of plastic sheeting; Britain "“aid worth £4.35 million and has sent boats, crew and helicopters; Italy "“ pledged £3 million; Netherlands "“ pledged £2 million; Zimbabwe "“ a neighbour has flood crisis of its own and problems with the Congo; Malawi "“ a poor neighbour sent 2 out of only three...

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