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Moving To New Zealand Essay

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English 1A
1 September 2010
Moving to New Zealand
Since I was about eight years old I wanted to go to school in another country. France was my dream. But as we grow up we learn that dreams don’t always come true. Luckily, mine partly did.
My sophomore year of high school was extremely tough on me, as I imagine it is on most kids. It was different for me because by the time I was a sophomore I had my license which was cool, and school was fine, but my home life was a huge struggle. My brother wasn’t speaking to my dad which made my dad not talk to me, my mom got a new boss who was awful to her which made her cranky all the time, my friends were changing and all this drama was going on ...view middle of the document...

He was the love of my life and I was devastated I had to leave him. That whole night neither of us could sleep. I wanted to spend every waking moment I had left with him. We talked all night about nonsense and how much we were going to miss each other, then finally, after we got a few hours of sleep it was time to get up and push through my last day here. It was February 19th, 2008. Ill never forget the date.
Josh and I headed home to meet my mom and cousin Karla for breakfast. Mom, as usual, trying to not get emotional, was going over every safety tip in the book and telling me that she will fly down in a heartbeat if I ever needed her. I know she only meant well, but she was already starting to worry me. Even though the breakfast was meant for the four of us, it was pretty much just me and my mom talking. I could never imagine how hard it must have been for her to send her little girl away for a year not knowing where she’s going or if she’d be okay. Optimism, I suppose. It is one of her best qualities.
Getting home from breakfast, I found my best friend Alex waiting for me in my room with a present. Inside it was something for every holiday I would miss, including my birthday. It made me cry seeing her cry because I was going to miss her the most, and she knew it. Once she left for work I had to finish the rest of my laundry and packing. Now you would think when you move to another country they allow you to have more than one suitcase, but no. I was allowed ONE suitcase and ONE carry on. How I did it, I will never know. I remember packing so much into my suitcase that it got so fat both me and Karla had to sit on it while Josh somehow managed to zip it. Ill never forget it was heavier than our dog, and our dog is enormous.
After some friends stopped by I got a call from the Headmaster of my school in New Zealand apologizing for the late notice but telling me I was to be going to a very extraneous hiking trip for four days just a few days after I arrived so he wanted to make sure I was bringing everything I needed. Now I am not an outdoors type person, so I got really nervous. And I had no hiking boots, so off we went for our last minute shopping which took forever and was not very fun. All me and my mom did was fight because now we couldn’t go to a nice dinner. All I wanted was sushi because it is my favourite and I was going to have to go a year without it. But no, we got In N Out instead. Still good, but its no eel roll.
By the time we headed home, I could not even believe how fast the day had gone by. It was already time to say my goodbyes. Daddy was first. He came to surprise me just after we returned home from dinner. Him being there probably meant the most to me that day. He had a brand new camera for me to take everywhere I went while on my “journey”. I loved how he called it that. He also gave me an envelope which he told me to save for the plane, so I did. I hated saying goodbye to my dad, but he promised he would email me every...

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