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Movies And Magazines Or Classroom Teacher?

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Task 2: Movies and magazines or classroom teaching?
“Pupils learn more English from reading literature, magazines and instruction manuals than from traditional classroom readings” I believe that this is true because I have experienced this. I have never been the best at school and paying attention to the teacher, but I have always been good in English. I think it is because of that I have read a lot of magazines in English and watched many movies in English.
But there is not just positive by learning from magazines and movies. Sometimes in movies the translation can be wrong or not the word you use most times, and sometimes a totally different word. In magazines there can also be some words you rarely use in the different sentences. But most of all the might change the words to ...view middle of the document...

And it was just as fun watching it. So I really think we should watch more movies at school for example. But I am not saying that we should watch only movies in class. It is still very important to have normal classroom teaching, but I will get more to that now.
There are many good reasons to have classroom teaching. Some of them might be that you learn the correct grammar. If you learn only from movies you can get you’re grammar all wrong because you might think you can use some words in other sentences when you see what they mean in the translation that most times is at the bottom of the screen in English movies and TV shows. But when there is a teacher there you most likely will be corrected and get everything right.
There are also some negative aspects of classroom teaching. Some of the negative aspects might be that it often is very boring and many disturbances because many of the other students might also be bored. And when you get bored you lose concentration and start talking to others instead of paying attention to the lesson. But not everything in school can be fun. There will always be boring subjects that you have to fight through it. No matter how bored you are, no matter have tired you are you just have to get through it.
My recommendations for the teaching of English is, definitely watch more movies. But after the movie go through the wrong/weird translation so that everybody knows which words you can use in different sentences, and which you can’t use. Don’t get me wrong, I still think classroom teaching is more important than watching movies. You’re not going to learn that much by watching a movie every time you have English.
So, to conclude, watch movies, read magazines and learn from that. But classroom teaching is still the most important aspect of all learning in school.

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