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My Greatest Accomplishment

Anything is possible when you have faith! One of the best things that could’ve ever happened to me was the day I found out I was pregnant. Having being sick and facing different health issues I was told at the age of fourteen that I would never be able to have kids. Hearing that statement, sent chills up my spin, and made me feel empty inside. My husband and I continued to have the faith that one day Go would see fit to bless us due to the fact we come from a religious background. The ones who know me know I have a passion for children and a diagnosis like this made me feel less of a woman. Happily to say bad news turned into good news. Being able to give birth ...view middle of the document...

The day she was born my pressure shot up and her heart rate kept dropping during labor, which lead me to have an emergency c-section. The end result was that the cord was wrapped around her neck twice very tightly. She came out purple and blue. Seeing this caused such hurt for my husband and I, after five minutes or so we finally heard a faint cry which led tears of joy in our hearts. We almost lost her as well as myself because I began to lose a lot of blood. After seeing my daughter for a few moments I don’t recall too much because I passed out. My husband and daughter didn’t see me again until after midnight. Now with my son I gained a mere sixty pounds. There was a time when my Doctor thought it was possible I was carrying twins, one behind the other because I was so big. Come to find out I was retaining fluid. By the time I hit my second trimester I was ordered to be on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy. This pregnancy was a trying time for me as well as my body. With him I craved pizza, chocolate chip cookies, KFC, hot fudge sundaes,...

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