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Movie Vs. Play: The God Of Carnage

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Annette vs. Nancy
When taking the time to examine the characters of Annette Reille, from the play, and Nancy Cowan, from Carnage, it is easy to find their likenesses, but there are also some noticeable differences. One of the main reasons for all of these differences is merely different interpretations of the character by different readers. For example, the tone in which certain lines are said or in the way a certain action is portrayed can change the whole personality of a character. When reading, the reader portrays each of the characters as he/ she believes them to be, but then another reader could have a difference of opinion and change the whole attitude; this was the case if you ...view middle of the document...

Annette seems to be trying to keep up the moods of Bruno’s parents by complimenting the choices they made in handling the situation. For anyone reading this play, this character could be depicted in many different ways. There is an instance in the movie where this is proven; Nancy says the exact same line but is able to make it completely sarcastic by simply having a certain tone in her voice and a slightly rude facial expression.
Another great example of the difference in these characters was later on, in the same scene as mentioned before, when Veronique has explained how she and Michel were able to get Ferdinand’s name. After Veronique states that “if (she and Michel) were the boy’s parents, (they) would want to be told” (Reza1259), Annette has the very simple response of “Absolutely” (Reza1259). Kate Winslet’s portrayal of this line in particular, was very sarcastic. She included movements in her eyes, a slight shrugging of the shoulders, maybe a nod of her head, and that gave more to this one word than what just reading did.
This simple line also shows Nancy’s motives in a great way. While this line was probably more of an agreeable one with Annette, it is not with Nancy. Annette’s response had more of a high pitched tone like she actually agreed. Whereas, in the movie, Nancy’s “Absolutely” is short and to the point. Nancy’s urge to leave and her lack of desire to be in the discussion is shown as she tries to stay near the door of the apartment and answer questions with the shortest possible responses.
Annette’s conciliatory personality shows again later on in the play when the couples decide to eat the clafoutis Veronique has made. After Michel describes how delicious the desert is and insists that everyone has a slice, Veronique shares her secret ingredient. Annette’s reply to discovering that the gingerbread crumbs were the special touch in the clafoutis is “Brilliant” (Reza 1262). It’s as if Annette is continuing to compliment Veronique to ensure she doesn’t get upset with her and that the meeting continues to go smoothly.
As stated before, Kate Winslet portrayed Nancy in such a way she didn’t want to be attending this get together in the first place so each line was full of attitude. When looking at this line, “Brilliant” (Reza1262), from before, the difference is shown wonderfully. In Carnage , Nancy isn’t stating Penelope is really brilliant; she has that “good for you” tone in her voice and could honestly care less about the cobbler. Kate Winslet uses that tone of voice to show her apathy, but also does one simple gesture that tops it off; she raises her eyebrows. Although it doesn’t sound like much, everyone knows that look of annoyance, and that is exactly the one Nancy gave to Penelope in the movie.
Later in the play, after shuffling through Veronique’s art books, Annette once again agrees with what Veronique has to say. After Veronique makes the comment about taking her children to concerts, museums, and making...

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