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Movie Review 21

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“Movie Review – 21” Ben Campbell is a Havard Medical School’s mathematical genius student who desperate to find 150,000 dollars of money to pay for his college fees. He works a part-time job as an Assistant Manager in a clothes shop which enables him to earn only 8 dollars per hour. As the income is insufficient, he intends to apply for Robinson Scholarship which only extra dazzle person is about to get the scholarship. But before that, Ben had been through a great experience in the most popular Black Jack games with his team; Jill, Choi, Kianna, Fisher and Professor Micky Rosa which is his lecturer; in Vegas during weekends in order to earn more money in a short way. Since the team is ...view middle of the document...

In contrast, if he let his students play the game, he can earn more money without touching the cards and involve himself in a trouble since it is illegal for them to play the game as they know the black jack counting cards system.


The ethical dilemma of Ben Campbell is whether to find another job with higher payment or to pursuit joining the team playing black jack game. If he finds another job, it would not guarantee him to have insufficient money to pay his collage fees. In contrast, if he continues playing the game during weekends, he will be able to get money in short way and he doesn’t need to do part-time job anymore or even apply for scholarship. The ethical issue in this movie is that Professor Micky Rosa seduces his students who are genius in mathematics to join him in Black Jack games for his self- interest. Since he is well understood on the counting cards system, he took advantages to teach his students to play the game in the chemistry room of havard Medical School after office hour. He knew that their students are able to win all the game if he teaches them the counting card system and therefore he let his students play the game and take the 25% of the money they have win. Ethically, Professor Micky should not teach his students about the counting cards, especially in the collage area. Plus, he should play and win the game by himself without involving the students into trouble since the game is part of gambling. Professor Micky should use his intelligent to teach his students in a good way and not to ruin his reputation as a educationalist person in that collage. The moral issue is that Ben Campbell joined the team to play Black jack games with his friends and Professor Micky to earn money to pay his collage fees. Although it is well understood that he really needs money in his current situation, it is immoral for him to play the game since it is gambling, especially when considering he is a student. Morally, he should find another way to earn money for his collage fees, instead of gambling. For example, he may find a job with a higher payment and at the same time work hard to be success in his scholarship application. He should not ruin his reputation as an excellent student in the collage by gambling. The legal issue in the movie is that Professor Micky and his team knows about the Black Jack’s counting cards system. Since they are excellent on that system, they are able to win the game every time they play it. It is illegal for Professor Micky teach the system, especially when considering the system is learned by students.


Consequentialism is a theory that focuses on the consequences or result of an action or decision rather than the action or decision itself. If the decision brings about a positive result, the action or decision is said to be an ethically correct. Based on this theory point of view, the action taken by Professor Micky Rosa which are thought his students about the Black Jack counting card system and...

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