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Movie Critic Review Of Crash

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Crash: Of Racial Discrimination and Stereotypes
November 3rd, 2011

Crash: Of Racial Discrimination and Stereotypes

Directed by Paul Haggis and produced in 2004, Crash was the Oscar Awards winner of Best Picture in 2006. Aside from Best Picture, the movie won only one other award: Best Original Screenplay for Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco. Despite its little recognition, Crash is an important movie to watch.


The plot of Crash is not about a typical, narrative story in the usual sense. Instead, it focuses on a theme or message and weaves several linked stories to highlight the theme. The movie is essentially about racial discrimination and the consequences of ...view middle of the document...

The African-American teenager was so consumed with discrimination of white people against his race; he targets and robs white people.
The movie tries to show that no one is exempt from discrimination. Economic status does not exempt people from being discriminated against as with what happened with the African American director and his wife who got frisked by a prejudiced police officer, and the DA whose car got robbed.
Most important, the movie tries to show that all men have both their good and evil side. The DA was shown to have his corrupt side. The police officer depicted as good for almost the entire length of the movie was shown toward the end picking up a man and accidentally shooting him. He dumps his victim’s body and burns his car to hide evidence.
Men cannot be intrinsically bad, either. Even the most seemingly decrepit of men have a good side and are capable of change. The white police officer who harassed an African-American couple and molested the woman turned out to be a devoted son to his ailing father. He even risked his own life to save the woman he molested the night before. That woman’s husband redeemed himself by bravely fighting off robbers as his wife was figuring in an accident. The daughter of the Arab man whose store got broken in turned out to be far more anticipating and enlightened in buying blank bullets to keep her father from possibly...

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