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Movie Critic
The story of U.S. Navy Seal Chris Kyle isn’t exactly an unknown story. Chris Kyle, named the Legend is said to be the most lethal sniper in the United States military history. Chris Kyle has over one hundred and sixty confirmed kills throughout his service to the USA. Kyle enlisted in the Navy after the devastation of 9/11 swept the country, and continued on to complete four tours of Iraq before finally coming home.
The editing of American Sniper was dead on. There were gorgeous shots and amazing sound effects, which when put together created the perfect picture. The close up shots of Chris preparing to take a shot, while being able to hear his deep and calm breathing generated the most personal feeling a movie can cultivate. Chris Kyle is known for having the longest recorded kill in US history, and this movie provided a marvelous show of that. The eyeline matching that ...view middle of the document...

There aren’t any elaborate shots, or quick cuts, but the thing that stood out the most is the way the camera work was done. At no point was the camera shaky or jumping. The camera got a full view of what Kyle did while he was in Iraq, from his view and the people around him. Anyone who watched the movie really got to see and understand how he got his nickname of the Legend.
I would rate this film five out of five stars. If I could sum this film up with one word it would be excellence. It seems so extremely rare nowadays to see a film that is so powerful and well made, but this film is without question one of the best movies I have ever seen. After walking out of a movie theatre I have never felt so moved as I did the night I saw American Sniper. Between the directing of Clint Eastwood, plus the amazing acting of Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller; this film told the story of Chris Kyle perfectly. As Kyle, Bradley Cooper immersed himself in his character’s role so well. In addition to Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller takes full advantage of such a deep role in the few opportunities that she gets to show her layered character. There are some detail differences between the book and the film; however, the main focus of the film is the same as the book. That focus, I believe, is what makes this film so powerful and truly unforgettable. That focus is seeing a man balance his duties between his country and his family, and the difficulties that go along with each of them. This film is without a doubt one the best Clint Eastwood film ever and easily the best Bradley Cooper film ever. Each actor and actress went all out to tell this story and nothing was held back. I speak for myself and everyone that I personally know who saw this movie; it definitely left a lasting impression. In addition to everything I’ve already stated, one thing I like most about this film is that it depicts our American military in a positive light. Of course, it isn't Hollywood we should be thanking for this marvelous film. All of our thanks should go to all American military service men and women for their service to this country. With the feelings that this movie left me with, it is definitely a film that every American should see.

American Sniper, (Eastwood, 2014)

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