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Movie Company Business Structure Case Study Analysis

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Movie Company Business Structure

Case Study Analysis


Leopoldo Vendramin


Special thanks to Mr. Peter Butters
Academic Year 2010/2011- Term I
The movie company considered for this analysis, has recently acquired one of the major comic company of the world, the “Comedy Factory”. Is therefore being developed a business strategy, that serves to clarify the organizational structure at global level. The investment made, then as purpose, growth and expansion throughout the world, trying to revive the comic book characters (hidden for too long) and trying to exploit the licensing of the former company, implementing a ...view middle of the document...

Here are analyzed the main products (in this case, the cartoon characters) formerly belonging to the comedy factory and the spaces offered by the Movie Company (offices, studios, audio sales, stage plays, parks and resorts, sales of licensed products and magazines and medias).
At this point, new strategies are created, to market the products of the two companies, for use in a collaborative way rather than individually a global marketing strategy, which will be the task of the international departments.
As mentioned before, the organizational structure requires a cost-cutting when it relates to all these subordinate roles within the company.
We will delete then, all the roles of surface, and to each person will be assigned one or more roles for the proper conduct of the work.
Define the means to establish the company's corporate structure means: which organs should be distributed among the work,
what functions and what tasks are assigned to these bodies and
such relations should exist between the various organs, for do not confuse the roles and avoid the individual focus.
Among the factors that determine the choice of location of a multinational movie company are: the national legal system in its strengths and weaknesses, for example as regards the protection of property rights of foreign investors. Access to foreign markets. The geographical distance between different parts of the activities of an enterprise. The availability of low cost inputs (raw materials and labor costs). Below are therefore different departments and the endless possibilities of profit of the company.

• Studio Entertainment: Having the opportunity to enjoy the legal standard (copyright) of comic book characters that have marked the history of reading, means that you have the permission to use the same characters at will. This is why the company has already planned about 4 movies that will be released within the next two years, thus giving visibility to the characters (hidden for too long time), trying to revive the market, making the most of the professional tools of the movie company, for filmmaking. Clearly, the dubbing will be in several languages, and will cover not only the linguistic but also the ethical / religious / communicative and, depending on the country of distribution. The launch of the characters will also cover the TV series. Some characters then, will then be used to create cartoons for children, distributed through international channels as Boing TV, Jumpy TV and Disney Channel.

• Records (audio sales): The movie company offers inside their studios, a recording studio, where there are, and have been made in the past, some of the best soundtracks ever created. The highest level of technology present in the recording studio gives the possibility to the various music directors,to record, inside the studios the soundtracks of the films made. Then, the soundtracks can be selled and distributed worldwide. In addition to soundtracks, the...

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