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Movie Analysis Source Code

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“Philosophy is the science which considers truth”, according to Aristotle. Yes, it is true because one of the alternative words of wisdom is knowledge and vice-versa. Philo-sophia is the Greek word which means "love of wisdom" and sciencia is a Latin word which mean "knowledge". Wisdom and knowledge are the same but they may differ in how it will be used. Philosophy and science has a big contribution in our lives, we cannot live without this things. Let’s relate this words to the movie that we had watched, it is entitled “Source Code”.
In the movie they used technology which is a tool of science and because of the knowledge of Dr. Rutledge, source code was created. Source ...view middle of the document...

In clarification when Captain Stevens is taking place the body of one of the trains passenger, named Sean as code-world and Captain Stevens’ consciousness as the real-world. His brain was used to detect or distinguish who’s guilty in bombing on the train just past few minutes on that day.
The issue now is getting from one reality to the other. While Captain Steven is in the code-world, he contacted or sends a text message with one person in the real world named Goodwin, but it is not already a real world because in the case of Captain Stevens it is like his in the past and Godwin is in the future that’s why Godwin, the operator of the source code, didn’t received any messages from Capt. Stevens. Through this situation we had determined that Capt. Steven is in the actual reality but not in the real-world because the train where he is had already ruined or exploded and all the passengers of that certain transportation had already died. Capt. Stevens tried many times, going in and out in that situation through the help of the source code until he already distinguished the person that is liable in that crime. We all know that he wanted to stop the explosion in order to save many lives but he can’t do it because that situation...

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