Movers & Shakers In Education Essay

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Movers and Shakers in Education
Julia Ann Bonner
Grand Canyon University
Philosophical and Social Issues in Education
Professor George McGee
August 08, 2012

Movers and Shakers in Education
The purpose of this paper is to review and acknowledge the efforts and contributions of four significant people in history who helped to shape the American educational system. Though the four people discussed in this paper are certainly not the only ones who left a permanent mark upon the history of our American educational system we have today, their efforts and philosophies laid the foundation upon which our educational system today was built.
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She persevered in these efforts for decades and wanted to put in place a plan to promote the intellectual, social, physical and moral education of women. She was also crucial in creating seminaries and organizations which would provide for and promote teacher training. She was the founder of the American Women’s Educational Association in 1852. This association was responsible for bringing women into teaching and training them as teachers so they could go forth into the west frontier and educate the youth. This philosophy can still be seen today in the mentoring of new teachers by veteran and experienced teachers. She also supported the establishment of kindergartens, believing that children needed an environment where they could be children and express themselves as such. (Pearson, 2010). (, accessed 2012).

John Dewey
John Dewey believed that the educational system would be better served by the joining of minds and having open intellectual discussions whereby the entire school staff contributed rather than having everything dictated by the few who were in charge. His philosophy was democratic and progressive in that he believed that teachers should have a voice and a say in the job they were expected to perform and the conditions under which they were to work. He felt that teachers were being viewed as professionals and wanted teachers to have more freedom in the classrooms. He encouraged the curriculum to be more open with multiple learning resources. He believed that the focus should be more on the individual child rather than on the masses, explaining that children should be allowed to learn at their own pace. His philosophy and views have had far reaching implications that still endure into today’s educational system. He was also one of the most prominent founders of the American Federation of Teachers (ATF), the first recognized teachers union in 1916. (Pearson, 2010).
Booker T. Washington
Booker T. Washington overcame the...

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