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Move Yourself Essay

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Move for a Healthier Life
Pam Case
The University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
N3335 Health and Promotion across the Lifespan
Nancy Roper Willson, J.D., RN
December 4, 2011
Online RN-BSN
In deciding which book to choose for this book report, I thought I would buy both books, and read a little of each to see which would be of most interest to me. Upon first sight of Medication Madness, it looked pretty interesting, with the cover stating, “A Psychiatrist Exposes The ...view middle of the document...

The one thing she needed most to be healthy, exercise, was the one thing she had been putting off doing. Once she decided to be active again, taking a two minute walk and making small changes, she began to feel better. For me, it was realizing just how easy it is to become sedentary when you think you’re not, and how easy it is to implement movement into the day with relatively little effort. The authors were very intuitive in bringing this out, right at the very beginning of the book.
Tina reversed the direction of her health by stepping forward-literally and figuratively. She sat less and moved more. It was nothing dramatic but it was enough to remove herself from the ranks of the sedentary, unhealthy, and habitually tired majority of Americans. (Mitchell, T., Church, T., & Zucker, M. 2008, p. 5)
The best thing that this book did for me was to wake me up to the realization, that moving, “even a little”, as the title describes, has a plethora of benefits for one’s health. Now, that is totally relatable! One of the things that I came to realize is that whether a person is skinny, overweight or even obese, physical activity and higher fitness levels are associated with living longer lives. As the authors explain, “Not everyone who is overweight or even obese has a disease. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: you can be overweight or even to some degree obese as long as you are physically active” (Mitchell, et al 2008, p. 44). Being physically active then, can allow one to reap the benefits of a healthy life regardless if they are overweight or not. Some of the many benefits of physical exercise are lowering blood pressure; prevention of cardiac disease and diabetes, protects bones and joints from osteoporosis; helps to alleviate back pain, and headaches; prevention of some types of cancers; helps to fight fatigue in those who do have cancer, and are going through chemotherapy, just to name a few.
Likewise, Move Yourself, allowed me to see how dangerous the effects of a sedentary lifestyle really are on one’s body, and that if a person doesn’t get up and move, they are “programming themselves for an early death” (Mitchell, et al 2008, p. 47). One of the official diagnoses related to a sedentary lifestyle is called, Metabolic Syndrome, which basically means that you are in poor health and have a cluster of symptoms as a result. Typically it breaks down into having hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and being at risk for obesity, cardiac, and other diseases. Metabolic syndrome is clearly an epidemic, and has skyrocketed over the last decade and a half, though not much talk of it has surfaced yet, even though The American Heart and Diabetes Associations have already issued warnings about it to the public (Mitchell et al, 2008, p. 42). One of the most troubling components of this syndrome usually includes obesity, and more specifically, fat around the belly; visceral fat. This type of fat spills out toxins into the blood stream...

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