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Mountain View Community Hospital Case Study

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Mountain View Community Hospital Case Study
Deabra Hardrick-Crump
September 30, 2013
Warren Von Worley

Mountain View Community Hospital Case Study

Mountain View Community Hospital has opportunities for improvement in its data management and security functions. The data governance functions will be analyzed, as well as the data quality and data integration of the existing and newly implemented systems for the Mountain View Community Hospital. Mountain View Community Hospital’s information technology team will evaluate their current operational, clinical, and financial information (Hoffer, Ramesh, & Toppi, 2011).

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There are key factors as to what is guided by data governance and they include data quality, integration, management, data warehouses, and more.
In implementing data governance into the new hospital system, Mountain View Community Hospital would need to hire specific staff to create and maintain the data within this new system. The CEO and management of Mountain View Community Hospital would need to work very closely with the team created for the management for the data for the hospital. By having the data governance team the Mountain view community Hospital can increase their data quality and the availability of their data. The risks that are associated with having bad data from within the hospital will greatly be reduced. By having an organized data set of good data, the productivity levels for the hospital can be increased by discovering all of the areas that contain errors, data redundancy and overspending that may be occurring within the hospital. When organizing a data governance within the hospital, there has to be a plan on changes within the departments. Service providers within the company will have to be provided including a corporate IS form a centralized IT department, and a devisal IS from management from business functional areas (Sujitparapitaya, Janz, & Gillenson, 2003). There are three primary activities provided by the service providers and they include IT infrastructure, IT use, and project managements (Sujitparapitaya, Janz, & Gillenson, 2003). Having all departments and activities divided up through the data governance implemented in the Mountain View Community Hospital, duties can be divided up through data stewards that would manage the data; ensuring there is no redundant data.

Data Quality
Data quality for the Mountain View Community Hospital is extremely important for the efficiency of the new system. High Quality data is having data that is accurate, consistent, and available in a timely fashion (Hoffer, Ramesh, & Toppi, 2011). Data quality within the hospital can help them reduce IT project risks. This is done by ensuring redundant data is eliminated by eliminating extra work, including not reusing existing data that may already be in the system. Data quality can help the hospital make timely business decisions as discussed earlier. By using high quality data in the analysis of the hospitals previous business decision, the future business decisions can be made with more confidence and accuracy. Finally, data quality within the hospital can not only expand the customer database, but also ensure regulatory compliance for the hospital.
There are also many good characteristics that good quality data can provide including uniqueness, accuracy, consistency, completeness, timeliness, currency, conformance and referential integrity (Hoffer, Ramesh, & Toppi, 2011). The...

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