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Mountain Dew Study Case Essay

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Mountain Dew target audience:
Demographics: Teen males (18 years old epicenter) and current users (20-39 males) of all ethnicities. Low-to-middle class, some of which still live at home with their parents. Earn low-to-average income with partly-to-full high school education.
Behavior: Play sports, very outdoorsy, watch TV (MTV, ESPN, sports broadcasts), read about show business and sports, shop at affordable retail stores, listen to current music, enjoy going out and drinking alcohol.
Psychographics: want to embrace excitements, adventures and fun, very energized and enthusiastic. Dislike taking on too many responsibilities but care for their families; wish to be young forever,
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Since it’s targeting this segment, the message it conveys has to be current. It must use terms that is a part of their language, use images and sounds they are familiar with, and celebrate who they are and who they aspire to be.
• Loyalty to the brand Equity (L): One of Moffitt’s objective is to ensure and reinforce appeal among current consumers of the brand, thus the selected campaign must continue to convey the brand message and personality.

Selecting an ad according to advertising criteria’s:
The three commercials who address the selected segment, loyal to the brand and capture its dynamic essence and adventurous message are the ones to deliver the best results for PepsiCo. According to the costumer’s characteristics and the criteria’s above I’ve selected the following ads: Cheetah, Dew or Die and Mock Opera.
This campaign features a chase in the wild nature. It is very dynamic, adventurous and “attention grabber” (V). It deserts the extreme sports theme that has become quite common, but preserves the danger and excitements it represents. Whether it is extreme sports or wild nature chase, the dew dude operates on Mountain Dew and high adrenaline. It creates an emotional thrill and conveys an exciting and enthusiastic way of living...

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