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Mountain Bank Essay

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Mountain Bank
A Case Study

I. I would recommend that Mountain Bank implement the following competitive strategy for the reasons given:
a. Mountain Bank should follow the business level strategy.
i. Which concerns how the bank will compete with other banks. Mountain Bank with four different major business lines units may have different strategy for each unit. Because each units provides a specific type of services to meet a particular set of customer needs.
ii. Good management and management information systems, to achieve a competitive advantage. Human Resource Management HR strategy, policy and practice can assist organizations to achieve competitive advantage

b. Mountain Bank should expand the corporate level strategy by having a stronger presence in the real estate and mortgage banking industry, as well as corporate banking. Corporate level strategy is the company or organizations ...view middle of the document...

I. Have clear missions and goals for each business unit in order to maintain the highest level of customer service, while maximizing profits.

II. Mountain Bank should also utilize a business level strategy to strengthen the Real Estate and Corporate Banking business units. Business level strategy deals with decisions and actions that affect a particular business unit. It is important for Mountain Bank to establish itself as a strong competitor in the real estate and corporate banking industries. They should utilize the differentiation strategy to set themselves apart from the competition. This strategy would help Mountain Bank create products and services that would be different from other banks. The advantage would be that they can provide their employees with the necessary training in order to implement the changes long-term for the growth of the company. Mountain Bank can achieve success with its smaller business units when strategies are implemented to help determine the greatest earnings without compromising great customer service.

Given that Mountain Bank will pursue the universalistic approach and commitment strategy, I recommend that the bank instill the following practices for its tellers: (See pages 52—53)
III. The universalistic aapproch seeks to identify a sef of human resourse practices
IV. (Discuss the second practice.)
V. (Continue until you have exhausted your recommended practices.)
II. The following is a brief description of the HR strategies that Mountain Bank may consider: (See pages 58—62)
VI. The Loyal Soldier HR strategy is (complete the paragraph)
VII. The Bargain Laborer HR strategy is (complete the paragraph)
VIII. The Committed Expert HR strategy is (complete the paragraph)
IX. The Free Agent HR strategy is (complete the paragraph)
III. Given the information in paragraph III above, I recommend that Mountain Bank pursue the (fill in the blank) HR strategy in regards to its tellers for the following reasons:
X. (Discuss your first reason)
XI. (Discuss your second reason)
XII. (Continue until you have exhausted your reasons for recommending the HR strategy)

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