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Motor Development Essay

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CD 184 Professor Holmes
Child’s name:
Date of observation: 02/1/15
Child’s age: 3 years and 6 month
Place: Child Care Center
Time: 9:10-12:25

Jayden arrives at his classroom and takes off his sweater. He puts his sweater in his cubby.
• Able to undresses self, and manipulate buttons and zippers. (Allen & Marotz)
• Can put clothes away in drawers. (Barbara Ann Nilsen)

Jayden washes his hands, dries his hands and walks towards the eating table. He says, “tengo hambre”.
• Wash’s his hands with assistance (Diane Trister Dodge)
• Moves with direction and refined coordination (Diane Trister Dodge)

With his left hand Jayden picks up the fork and ...view middle of the document...

• Shows hand dominance (Allen & Marotz)

Jayden takes a book with both hands and sits on the floor. With his right hand he flips the page.
• Turns pages of a book one at a time (Allen & Marotz)

Jayden is walking towards the teacher and says ‘’pipi’’
• Achieves complete bladder control for the most part during this time. (Allen & Marotz)

Walks and looks down hopscotch hops with both feet quickly. He jumps three times and separates his feet. Looks at the floor and keeps walking without stopping.
• Jumps in place. (Allen & Marotz)
• Balance momentarily on one foot. (Allen & Marotz)

Jayden puts his left foot on a step and his right on the next step. He stands on the slide. He sits on the slide and yells “wee”
• Walk up and down stairs unassisted, using alternating feet. (Allen & Marotz)
• Climbs up and down (Diane Trister Dodge)

Jayden is sitting on the floor with a shoe in his hand. He says, “Chu chu, vamos al zoo”.
• Engage in make-believe play alone and with other children (Allen and Marotz)
• Uses objects symbolically in play (Allen and Marotz)
Jayden is running outside. In his left hand he has a ball. He drops it and kicks it with his right leg, he says’’goal’’
• Kicks a large ball (Allen and Marotz)
Jayden is in the nursery area. He takes a cot and places it on the floor. He seats on the coat with his two hands he takes off his left shoe. He lets the shoe fall to the floor. With both hands he removes his right shoe. He lies on his back and closes his eyes. He opens his left eye and laughs.
• Autonomy, do things for himself without the help or hindrance of people (Erickson)

Jayden is sitting in the art area. He is coloring

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