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Moto Coming To America Essay

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Critique of Moto, Coming to America from Japan Case Study

Japanese culture values harmony and creating relationships. These values have been extended to their business dealings. Before engaging in business with other companies or entities, Japanese will seek to establish an initial contact. This was Mr. Moto’s agenda for his first meeting with Mr. Crowell. To ensure these goes well, he hires a trainer (Mrs. Black) to help polish his English and to teach him Americas history and customs. He also arrives on time and has a gift for his host which are all part of Mr. Moto’s strategy to establish initial contact with Mr. Crowell.

According to Mr. Moto, the meeting is a total failure and he worries if there is going to be any business between the two companies. The main problem is not with him, ...view middle of the document...

There is usually no business to be transacted or negotiated in the first meeting. Thus when Mr. Crowell does not look at Mr. Moto’s business card, makes a joke about the gift, which he was not suppose to open there, talks about business and his personal life in the first meeting, Mr. Moto his unprepared for the American culture which is as raw as its winter weather.

Gifts giving are part of Japanese Business culture if it is the first meeting. The significant of the gifts being given is not in what the gift really is or in its value but in the gesture portrayed by giving the gifts. They can be also symbolic for heritage and roots of the person giving it out as was the case for the Kokeshi dolls which were made from special maple in the mountains near Mr. Moto’s family home in Niigata. Mr. Crowell does not see them that way and things his daughter will love them though his genuinely pleased by the gift.

Respect for other peoples feeling and keeping face is important to Japanese when they negotiating business deals. They will thus not belittle or make their counterpart in the business feel like they don’t know what they are doing. When Mr. Crowell tells Mr. Moto about Allmack’s truck record, he feels belittled because he had researched and knows about Allmack and that’s why they wanted to do business with them. Mr. Crowell is direct and aggressive and does not see a problem pointing out their truck record.

Mr. Moto impression of George initially was that he was rude and arrogant. He must have read that Polish Germans and Jews were of that nature that’s why he asks Crowell if George is real American after he is unable to figure out his origin based on body structure. This perception changes as they spend more time together and realizes that George is actually amiable, polite and friendly which resonates well with Japanese culture of maintain harmony.

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