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Motivations For Usa And Ussr Entry Into The Korean War

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While both North and South Koreans may have thought they were fighting against each other in a civil war to re-unite all of Korea under a single government and ideology, the Korean War was in fact dominated by the influential power of the USSR and to a lesser extent the Unites States. The Korean War or “episode” as part of the more substantial Cold War, was in fact a front used by the USA and the USSR to oppose each other without causing a direct confrontation which would have lead to MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) considering both of these countries controlled atomic bombs.
The USA took part in the Korean War for many valid reasons, the Domino theory probably being the most ...view middle of the document...

This recommendation led to the N. Korean oppression almost all of the way into China. Until soon after China helped N. Korea push UN and S. Korean forces back to the 38th parallel as it stands today.
Thirdly, Truman realized that US involvement throughout the world was crucial in the Cold War as USA was really in competition with the USSR for world domination. For this reason, the USA had to support S. Korea in order to fight the communist spread without directly attacking the USSR.
The USSR also had reasons of there own to enter the Korean War. Stalin like Marx believed the communist ideology should be spread all over the world to “free” people from Capitalism and other beliefs believed to be a waste of time. However, like Truman, Stalin did not want to be caught in a direct military confrontation with the US so in 1949 when Kim Il Sung (leader of N. Korea) approached him, he persuaded Stalin that the N. Korean army could liberate or conquer S. Korea in an attempt to spread communism. Stalin believed that the United States would not react to this invasion so he gave Kim Il Sung his agreement. Stalin also thought that an unopposed invasion of S. Korea would impose a major defeat on US authority in the entire world calling into doubt if they really are a worthy enough ally to compete with the USSR. Stalin was also determined to undermine NATO.
Stalin had many other substantial reasons to support the Korean War as well. From the beginning one of Stalin’s ambitions was to conquer the whole of Korea as it was established as one of the world’s most laudable industrial, agricultural, and transportation friendly complexes. And...

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