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According to the 2014 sustainability report for Marriott International, the introductory remarks stated that, for a company to be a great leader in its industry, it has to possess a set of core values that inform every decision the company makes. Hence, Marriott’s core values have stood the test of time: putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, and acting ...view middle of the document...

However, it was the first one within the hotel industry to focus on niche marketing and specialized branding of services. Hence, the numerous brand names it holds. The core of its lodging business involves developing, operating and franchising hotels and corporate housing properties under 20 brand names overall. Also it operates business under four brands namely: Marriott, JW Marriott, Renaissance, and Renaissance ClubSport. Also it operations are categorized into five business segments which are: North America full service lodging, North America limited service lodging, international lodging, luxury lodging, and timeshare. (Wiggins, 2014)

This paper aims to track down the leadership and organizational behavior success factors that Marriot International has utilized in motivating its employees. Specifically examining the contrasting factors over its competitors in maintaining and a consistent competitive edge through excellent service delivery. It will also seek to unveil the various strategies, programs and concepts that it has invested in to engage its employees and associates in a work friendly environment. Similarly, giving an array of strategies that its competitors such as: Hilton and Sheraton Hotels can emulate to improve their performance.
Marriott international has set great example for many hotels in ensuring high productivity hence, its highly motivated and satisfied employees. Whose underlying principle is the behavioral traits the management poses in becoming employee-oriented leaders and production-oriented leader. Thus, it hires competent and qualified personality trait manager who will go to every length to find, hire and train employees and treat them like family. Also the foundation values and beliefs that its founder-Bill Marriott left behind such as concern for all employees, hands on management and unrelenting commitment to meeting customer needs.
In addition, the paper will explore the various intrinsic and extrinsic rewards systems that the associates and managers have used in motivating, developing and recognizing their employees. As well as the various communications styles used among its associates, management and to the employees. Also recognizing the basic principles and values that Marriott’s founder set as such as taking good care of employees yielding to good care of the business. A principle that is contrary to a lot of hotel chains.
i. Maroudas, L., Kyriakidou, O., & Vacharis, A. (2008). Employees' motivation in the luxury hotel industry: the perceived effectiveness of human-resource practices. Managing Leisure, 13(3/4), 258-271. doi:10.1080/13606710802200969 Retrieved from:,cookie,ip,uid&db=hjh&AN=33140755&site=eds-live
This article examines the correlation between human resource management practices and the employees’ high performance. The article reports on the study...

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