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Motivational Problems In An Organization Essay

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Motivational Problems in an Organization
Lora M Baker
BUS610: Organizational Behavior
Dr. Mark Pantaleo
March 12, 2012

Motivational Problems in an Organization
Efficient motivation in the workplace is one of the most challenging and significant responsibilities for management in an organization. Motivational problems transpire in the workplace when the employee’s expectation or values are not satisfied. Motivation occurs when we have some kind of pressure that stimulates us to diminish it by gratifying unmet needs. Managers need to figure out these psychological developments to direct workers into achieving the corporations’ target. Managers need to persuade the employee to get them ...view middle of the document...

Motivation occurs when we have some kind of pressure that stimulates us to diminish it by gratifying dissatisfied needs. In an attempt to coerce employee’s job fulfillment, managers can encourage motivation by administering the basic four intrinsic rewards. The particular rewards bestow a sense of meaningfulness whereas the workers feel the task is worth the time and effort they put forth the assignment includes material to the total representation. A sense choice is when one feels when they get the opportunity to be able to choose their own task, and then make the decision on how it will be completed. Next is the sense of is the accomplishment one feels when they feel in proficiently executing the task that they chose. The Final as quoted by Kinicki and Kreitner (2009), “A sense of progress is the accomplishment you feel in achieving the task purpose. The feeling of progress involves the sense that the task is moving forward, that your activities are really accomplishing something” (p. 157).
Theory of motivation and intervention
Joe and Shirley both work as field sales representatives for an insurance firm. Shirley has always taken pride in her work; she is on time every morning, always has her paperwork ready, take care of her clients needs, and get referrals from her clients because they are happy with the service she provides. Joe is always late for work; he tries to be the first one out the door; and most of time he leaves the office an hour early. Shirley does twice as many sales as Joe; when it is time to hand out the bonus, Joe...

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