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Motivational Methods Essay

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Motivational Methods
Motivation is the impact or drive that causes us to behave in a specific manner and has been described as consisting of energy, direction, and sustainability (Gilley & McMillian, 2008). In an organization, a manager needs to have the ability to persuade and influence others to work in a common direction that reflects their talent to motivate (Gilley & McMillian, 2008). As manager of the Emergency department, upper management at Sutter Health has informed me that our Emergency unit will need to downsize, and in order to prepare for this downsize, I will address the three motivational methods that managers use to motivate their employee and how this change can ...view middle of the document...

This can add to the accomplishment of two major goals, job performance and job satisfaction (Lombardi & Schermoerhorn). The expectancy theory shows, that a person will work hard if there was a positive outcome and if they are recognized or rewarded for their hard work (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007). Equity theory which motivates the sense of achievement by giving staff the same opportunity and by giving them the same rewards for the hard work they provided to the organization. Making staff feel important about their hard work and their skills provides them with the feeling of achievement (Lombari and Schermerhorn, 2007).
Maslow’s theory was that humans are driven by a hierarchy of needs. His pyramid composed of progressive levels that stars with the basic physiological needs, warmth, shelter, and food and goes on to more of a complex needs such as love, belonging, esteem, and knowledge. Finally, at the top of his pyramid is self-actualization; the realization of one’s full potential (Kamery, 2004). Herzberg described motivation in terms of hygiene factors which roughly corresponds to Maslow’s basic needs (Karmery, 2004). “According to the motivation-hygiene theory, different factors can case employee’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their jobs. Factors such as recognition, achievement, advancement, and growth can trigger motivation. They call these factors motivators. Motivators such as salary, working conditions, status and security are called hygiene factors, which tend to eliminate dissatisfaction” (Robbins, 1996).
Open communication is extremely important and considered a top priority by most staff. Staff often feel their manager lacks open communication skills. The simplest way to open these lines of communications is to give our staff the opportunity to ask questions either on a one on one, by email or even by having team meetings (Honroe, 2009). Recognition on an achievement by peers, managers, supervisor or the company as a whole is also very important. Recognition can be as simple as saying thank you in front of other staff members, showing appreciation for the work your staff does each day and giving them positive feedback on the individual or group’s performance, and letting them know that they are important to the company and to their managers (Honore, 2009). Rewards can be a good incentive and it provides an opportunity to enhance job productivity and performance. Rewards can be in monetary form or in a tangible form. Monetary rewards would include a salary increase based upon the person’ performance, bonuses for the top performer of each department or offering a day off when a specific goal has been reached. Tangible rewards include certificates, awards or trophies or by providing a free lunch or an employee of the month award (Honore, 2009). Growth...

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