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Motivational And Organizational Culture Essay

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The role management should play in the workplace psychology according to Ayame Nakamura situation. Even though she is a manager, she has a manager, and that person should approach Ayame with respect for her different cultural background. Although Ayame may feel inferior, due to the confrontational nature of the job. Do not let that stop you, because there should be a barrier broken with a big respect for diversity. A manager over another manager should be able to praise the manager on the good things that they are doing for the company. So the manager will in return be able to reward and motivate the employees that she supervise. Ayame should be able to feel the same as anyone else in the workplace regardless of what Ayame background is. Psychological well-being is the key to a healthy workplace setting. Ayame should feel appreciated, then her employees will reap the benefits of her well- being. As a manager Ayame should show positive attitudes to her employees so they will see ...view middle of the document...

Her ability to perform her duties at her best performance can be affected by the bad treatment of her superior, and could also have a ripple effect if she were to take the same mistreatment out on her employees that she oversees. Who want to work somewhere where you are always accused of wrong doings, but the good is never seen. My grandma always told me, “How can you build something up that you’re always tearing down”. Which takes me to some tips that will help Ayame build her and her employees motivation. Her cultural background, as far as her language could also affect the feedback she would receive. The language barrier could have a negative effect on the communication in the workplace. That can easily be solved by just taking the time to listen to what someone is saying or trying to say. Put yourself in someone else shoes , How would you feel if language was a barrier for you and you had to explain yourself to someone and they cared not to listen because they could barely understand you. I personally like cultural diversity in the workplace there is so much you can learn about different cultural background and their work ethic. Different cultural background should always be welcomed and respected in all workplaces.
She can make a list to remind her and her employees’ everyday of their daily goals, and accomplishments on a daily basis. People feel better when they know exactly what they need to do. Organization will help save time on a project. Always congratulate and celebrate with your employees to let them know that they are appreciated, even if the accomplishment does not seem to be that big of a deal. Give your employees flexibility, be considerate your employees are human things happen, it helps manage life a little better. Maybe a person cannot work the same schedule every week. A single parent with kids really need flexibility. Its helps so you can balance work and home life. Some of these tip will help Ayame increase her own motivation and the motivation of her employees. Ayame can give the employees a chance to advance or grow within the company, so the employees will not feel like they are stuck in a dead in job. There should be equal opportunities of advancement to any employee that wants it bad enough. That really would motivate me to work harder to progress. I like applying old saying, “The harder you work the more you get”.

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