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Motivation Plan Essay

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Motivation Plan
In today’s business world, each business organization has a diverse workforce and each worker has specific motivations and emotions. An effective manager understands the challenges involved in creating a workplace that combines the employee’s motivations, satisfactions, and performance into a cohesive and effective workforce. A manager must develop a plan encompassing the employee’s motivation, satisfaction and performance. It is essential that the plan includes both the manager’s and employee’s insights to guarantee that all perspectives are merged into the plan for constructive impact.
According to Robbins and Judge (2006), “Motivation is the process that accounts for an ...view middle of the document...

To go beyond the norms of compensation, a talented manager will understand the importance of incorporating different methods to receive the desired results. For example creating a positive work environment brings together several traits that a successful office should use to achieve the desired outcome. As stated above, compensation is quickest way to accomplish motivation, but will not inevitably endure motivation in the long run. Motivating employees through genuine appreciation will ensure employees are satisfied within their positions and take special care to ensure customer satisfaction. Some example; (Reward for good work, hitting goals, creating new ideas, etc…). In today’s business world, many organizations overlook this one key aspect in creating employee satisfaction. In the end, to satisfy your customer is to ensure your work environment is healthy and strong, with motivation and the satisfaction of all involved.
Performance is the easiest of the three aspects to evaluate ad reward because most organizations have a defined list of tasks and performance metrics. Motivation is the hardest aspect to evaluate because the manager must trust employees to exhibit their motivations. A tool that a manager can implement to assist in evaluating an employee’s motivations is the DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment provided by Dr. Ken Blanchard.
Learning Team Brilliants has multiple personality types that determine a person’s internal motivations. Serenity would be considered Pioneer. That specific motivation is in the dominant square within the DISC assessment. A Pioneer is someone who works well under pressure, proactive and enjoys change. A Pioneer tends to delegate authority, strives for results and needs to be in charge. A major management style inherent in a dominant, pioneer leadership style is the tendency for conflict with others and has a tendency for aggression and increase the level of aggression. The aggression shown by a Pioneer can be a negative leadership trait when dealing with subordinates or other team members considered to be cautious or steady and the aggressiveness can alienate other team members or employees. Steve would be considered to be an interactive style person who enjoys and emphasizes people, enjoys other people’s approval, and is very trusting of others. His personality style works well in a dynamic, exciting group or team and has a short attention span while working on a project. If I were to manage or work with Steve, I would need to aware that even though both of our personalities enjoy a faster pace within the workplace, Steve will tend to emphasize relationships whereas I will place a priority of goals (University of Phoenix, 2014). The differences in emphasis will directly affect how we perceive the tasks and our motivations for completing...

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