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Motivation Is Key Essay

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Motivation is the Key

According Webster, motivation is defined as the act of giving someone a reason for doing something. It’s an influence that causes a reaction. So in the business sense, employee motivation drives an organization to pull resources, whether financial or nonfinancial, to inspire employees to perform to their highest capabilities.
Why it is that motivating employees is a top priority of many organizations in today’s nation? There are many factors surrounding the importance of keeping employees motivation in high spirits. The number one important factor is retention. A happy employee is a devoted one. She/he is devoted to their employer; they are a huge fan in their ...view middle of the document...

Extrinsic motivators in an organization are tangible items, such as salaries, fringe benefits, security, promotions, work conditions, and work environment. Many organizations offer their employees options such as raises, bonuses, and stock plans. These types of incentives drive employees to focus on delivering positive results. It causes a surge or rush, fueling empowerment among employees. They push harder and reach further, working towards a common goal.
Achieving financial rewards can also drive employee to strive for promotion within the organization. It gives an employee a sense of empowerment and feeling worthy. They hold their heads higher and look forward to pleasing their employers. They feel their feeling and opinions are important and matter in making decisions within the organization.
Promotions lead to other benefits such as a corner office, company car, or key to the executive washroom or gym. These extrinsic factors are considered to be benefits of one’s work environment. Work conditions and environments motivate employees to perform at an increased rate. Recognition from a manager or owner causes a sense of being part of a company instead of feeling like a “tadpole in a fish pond”.
All of these tangible factors inspire a feeling from within an employee. These are known as intrinsic factors, which a basic feelings such as accomplishment, pride, self-worth, and knowledge.
Have you ever heard the phrase “knowledge equals power’? It is a true statement, owners and managers have their positions because of their knowledge within a certain field. According to Chron, knowledge is a strong intrinsic motivator. Many organizations offer and encourage training courses to broaden their employee’s training and knowledge within their industry.
After a successful training course, employees have a feeling of self-worth, pride, and accomplishment. They feel that their employers have entrusted them and have a sense of responsibility. These types of feeling spark a fire from within, motivating them to seek a stronger urge of responsibility.
Responsibility opens the door for recognition from oneself as well as their employers. Internal recognition is the feeling of self-worth. It stems from positive reinforcement and feeling of belonging. Employees feel they are a valuable company resource when they are simply recognized by the managers or owners. Many times employees take pride in being recognized instead of being offered tangible motivators. A simple feeling of accomplishment is an intrinsic motivator. It creates positive results and drives employees work more diligently.
Organizations strive for success. They are always searching for ways to ahead of the competition, whether it’s keeping with latest technological advances or keeping employees interested and involved. In today’s society, organizations have numerous options to show their employees appreciation.
The traditional ways to motivate employees are bonuses, raises, vacation...

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