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Motivation In The Workforce Essay

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The main question facing managers in an organization is motivation, how does it work, when to apply and to whom they should apply on. In today's organization, motivation plays an important role in determining whether a company will succeed or not. What is motivation? Motivation is the set of attitudes and values that predispose a person to act in a specific goal directed manner. It is an invisible inner state that energizes the human goal-directed behavior, which can be divided into two components which is the direction of a behavior working to reach a goal and the strength of the behavior. Within an organization the desired goals are often clearly defined. In motivation a manager normally ...view middle of the document...

They range from the lowest-order needs of physiological to the highest-order need of Self-actualization. Individuals are motivated at their level of need, and once a lower-order need is satisfied, the next higher-order need becomes the individual's motivational drive.In an organization, different employees have different needs, therefore managers must be able to establish their needs and be able to apply different motivational tools to satisfy different needs. At the core of motivation is human needs satisfaction. The inner drives within an individual are believed to be activated to give rise to appropriate behavior, where such behavior could lead to the fulfillment of the needs.According to Maslow this approach to motivation emphasizes personal freedom, choice, self-determination, and striving for personal growth. Maslow explains this by using his Hierarchy of Needs. These are the seven levels of basic human physiological needs that allows us to reach the highest level, which is self-actualization. The first four needs are considered to be the deficiency needs. These needs are our physiological needs which are what we need to survive which, are food, shelter, and water. Next is our need for feeling safe and protected. Third is our need for love and belongingness from places such as our family and peers. The fourth deficiency need is our own need for self-esteem, for us to like ourselves for who and what we are as individuals. Once our deficiency needs have been achieved then we start fulfilling our being needs. These are the needs according to Maslow, that are our growth needs. The needs that let us become an individual and self-actualized.The first of these needs is the need to know and understand. We need this ability to be able to learn on our own and be able to reason things out for ourselves. Next is our aesthetic needs. This is our need for the finer things in life. Personally, I feel that this is not a necessity for all people. To me only people who have grown with...

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